Angler Education


  • Calming the Waters of Stressed Bass If you are a tournament angler who gets really stressed out during competition, then you and the bass have something in common. Read More
  • What's Your Line for Ice Fishing There are a few similarities between open-water fishing and ice-fishing. Regardless of whether you’re fishing through ice or open water, you’ve got to find the fish, you’ve got to put a lure in front of them, and you’ve got to make them want to eat that lure. Read More
  • Make a Jerkbait Work for You You know fall is here when you see the leaves starting to change, the cooler breezes blow through and comfortable temperatures take the place of summer's stuffy heat. A lot of people are thinking about where to hang their deer stands. But if you refuse to put away the rod and reel and park the boat like me, you're out there trying to figure out how to catch a bass during the fall transition. Read More
  • Autumn Panfish Most anglers are pretty open-minded when it comes to fishing. Some have their favorite species of fish that they prefer, and they concentrate on that species. Read More
  • Look Deep for Fall Bass I don't much care for summer bass fishing. It's not like I have a choice, I fish when and where there are tournaments. It's just that fall tournaments and fall bass fishing is so much more fun and productive for me. I like fishing right now. This time of year is my favorite and I catch lots of fish. Read More
  • Pitching for Bass If a bass could build its ideal habitat, the specs would be something like this: shallow water, in or near heavy cover with quick access to deep water nearby. Read More