Angler Education


  • Fish the Weedline for Summer Action In the summer, predator fish like walleyes, pike, bass, and crappies will be wherever their food is. If there isn't something for them to eat in an area, they simply won't be there, or at least they won't be there very long. Read More
  • Corralling Cruisers with a Floating Worm If you spend time at the lake, either at the marina or around the boat slips, undoubtedly you’ve noticed bass cruising around. You’ve probably been on the water since before sunrise, made a long run to an end of the lake and all the while there are bass within a short walk of a hot cup of coffee and an indoor restroom. It can be frustrating. Read More
  • Troll or Cast for More Fish? There are a lot of different ways for an angler to present a bait to fish, but trolling and casting are two of the most popular methods, and also two of the most productive. Let’s talk about when casting works best and when trolling works best. Read More
  • Up-sizing Summertime Baits By this time of year, throughout many parts of the country, bass have seen a fair amount of fishing pressure. Common sense tells us that bass in this situation can become harder to catch and luring them to bite requires downsizing both line and bait. While this may be a good tactic for most places, targeting pressured bass in summer doesn’t always require picking up a spinning rod and a finesse bait. Read More
  • Be Ready for Fishing in the Heat Some people think that the summertime is not the best time to catch bass – much less big bass. The hotter and higher the sun gets, the better sitting in front of the air conditioner begins to sound. It’s during this time of year that too many anglers opt for sipping iced tea instead of fishing. Read More
  • Industrial Strength Conservation in the sportfishing industry is akin to the Marine Corps – it is comprised of “a few good men” doing the work for tens of thousands of anglers. Of course there are lots of other organizations taking leadership in sportfishing and aquatic resource conservation as well, with Trout Unlimited and the Coastal Conservation Association being prime examples. But, from a pure, for-profit industry standpoint, when you look at it, it is just amazing what these industry guys do, and the commitment of their companies to have them doing it! Read More
  • Bass and Deep-Water Ledges It’s not unusual for people to equate bass fishing with the shallow-water flipping and pitching that goes on so many places throughout the country. True, largemouth bass, when they inhabit structure-filled water sheds, will be found regularly around the bank, near blown-down trees, hydrilla, lilipads and other places that provide them outstanding places to both forage and hide. Read More
  • Take It Down A Notch: Power Fishing with Finesse Take it down a notch. A lot of people have been telling me that lately. And, in one way of thinking, I have. I've added finesse to my power fishing. Read More
  • Pitching - It's An Art Form I look at pitching a bait to shallow cover as an art form. It's not only placing a lure where you want, it is much, much more. And when anglers understand the need to get beyond the technical aspects they will be, by far, better fishermen. On a competitive level, pitching is critical. Read More
  • What's Up With Double Digit Bass? Berkley's Dr. Keith Jones is one of the foremost authorities. He knows the answers to questions most anglers can only offer a guess. Read More
  • Drop Shotting for Idiots Most fishermen have it in their heads that it's some kind of hoodoo, voodoo way to catch a fish. They think it is hard to learn, hard to do and only works in those clear lakes out West. But they are wrong and, most of the time, they won't have any fish in their livewells because they are too stubborn to learn. Read More
  • The Drop Shot: Another Angler's View Coming of age as a professional bass angler in the West, Berkley Pro Byron Velvick is also no stranger to the light-line finesse tactics that trace their domestic origins to the region. Read More
  • Why do bass eat plastic worms? Having a curious mind can have its drawbacks. For me it's a particular nuisance when I'm fishing trying to focus on the task at hand. One minute I'll be casting to a log, intent on retrieving my lure, and before I know it the bait is sitting still while my mind races off reflecting on life's great mysteries. Read More
  • Don't Leave Home Without Them - Three Rods To Get You Through The Early Summer Before professional anglers were considered the definitive sources for angling advice, back when money was tight and things like new fishing tackle were considered a luxury, I was privy to some sage advice that has stuck with me to this day. It came to me as I stopped by a small tackle store on my way to visit my parents one weekend. My objective was to buy a rod for my father to replace the one that I had stepped on and broke a few weeks prior. Read More
  • The Carolina Rig: Tricks, Tips and Tactics to Catch More Fish A Carolina rig is a bass fishing basic. It's one of our most efficient tools and it's a tool that each and every one of us ought to use regularly. Simply stated, a Carolina rig catches fish when other methods fail. Read More