Angler Education


  • Worms: What are Bass Thinking? Did you ever wonder why bass attack plastic worms? It's not because worms make up a significant part of a bass' diet. Worms, notably earthworms, are not aquatic animals. Instead, they live on land burrowing through the soil. Read More
  • Fishing After Cold Fronts First, let me say that as an angler I understand that bass fishing after a cold front can be very frustrating. Especially if you fish in areas with Florida-strain largemouth bass, cold fronts can pretty much be the excuse you need to park the boat and head to a deer stand or sit in the house and watch football. Read More
  • Fishing for Schooling Bass It’s October, and the bas are actively search for huge clouds of baitfish that sometimes seem to be everywhere. The baitfish that hatched earlier in the year are now the ideal size for bass forage. Read More
  • Power vs. Finesse As we anglers get more and more diversified in our fishing skills, as we find out what works best for us and what we enjoy doing the most, we sometimes take on the labels of finesse fishermen or power fishermen. Read More
  • Baby Steps: Downsizing for success Throughout the summer months bass see a wide variety of baits, but they mostly consist of super-sized worms. Read More
  • Bass Diets: What are they thinking? Although largemouths, smallmouths, and spotted bass are opportunistic feeders, their preferred foods are small fish followed by crustaceans and insects. Read More
  • Spooling a Spinning Reel There’s no shortage of reasons to keep a few spinning reels in the boat. Perhaps you haven’t yet mastered a baitcasting reel or maybe the fishing conditions require you to downsize your bait selection to try to finesse a bite. Read More
  • Long Live Soft Plastics Soft plastics have evolved throughout the years to include scents, glitter and a variety of other injections. Read More
  • Fishing Can Get Hot as Autumn Approaches By now we know that seasonal changes are not all bad news for anglers. In fact, a change in season can spur otherwise complacent bass into a much more aggressive lifestyle. Read More
  • Lake Lay Classic Strategies OK. I'm really ready. I'm ready physically; I'm in great shape. Coming off one of the best seasons of my career, I'm ready mentally. And my tackle for the Bassmaster Classic is packed, ready to go. Packing tackle might sound a little lame but it is not. It's not just throwing a bunch of this and a little of that in a bag and calling it good it's a process. You need to take into account all the many different variables and factors of wherever it is that you're going. Seasonal patterns for the region, historic weather patterns, fishing pressures and the lake itself are all extremely important. Read More
  • Bass Habits: Both Instinct and Learned The bass brain should not be viewed as a simplistic computer wherein a specific input always yields a certain output. Bass brains are constantly modified through experience. Read More
  • Don't Leave Home Without Them - Three Rods To Get You Through The Early Summer Before professional anglers were considered the definitive sources for angling advice, back when money was tight and things like new fishing tackle were considered a luxury, I was privy to some sage advice that has stuck with me to this day. It came to me as I stopped by a small tackle store on my way to visit my parents one weekend. My objective was to buy a rod for my father to replace the one that I had stepped on and broke a few weeks prior. Read More
  • Ummmm, That Warm Water is Just Right To me there's nothing like slipping into a comfortable tub of hot water after a hard day's work. Something about those warm waters swirling about, gently tickling my toes, easing my aching muscles, just leaves me with a really special sensation. Bass feel exactly the same. Read More
  • Sometimes Simple is Best When it comes to catching fish, there are a lot of different ways to do so. In the past twenty years there have been numerous lure and lure presentation developments. Many of these new lures and presentation ideas have resulted in anglers catching more fish. However, there are days when the fish are finicky and want just a plain presentation. Read More
  • Sight Fishing When You Can't See The Fish Spring sight fishing: perhaps nothing is more nerve racking than seeing a big bass hovering over a bed with a perfectly pitched soft bait lying inches away. Polarized sunglasses help see through the glare and optimum sunlight provides great color contrast. Read More
  • Heat Up in the Pre Spawn Chill Oh, I know it might be cold in the mornings and I know that little cold fronts will turn off those Florida strain largemouth but Pre Spawn is still my favorite time of year to bass fish. The fish are bigger now than at any time of the year, they are bunched up and easy to catch. What more can we ask for? Read More