Angler Education


  • Crappie Dock Patterns You know the local lake that you spend all your time fishing? The one with all those houses that line the shore – the houses with all the boat docks? Those docks might be clogged with people loading and unloading boats and having all kinds of fun, but some of the best crappie fishing can be found directly below them at almost any time of year. Read More
  • Catching Out-of-Sight Spawning Bass It's not all about the shiny spots. Just because you can't see the bass on the beds doesn't mean you're not going to catch them. Read More
  • Land that Lunker Fishing season is here, or at least a lot closer, throughout the Midwest. Are you going to try to go fishing more often this year? If so, that increases your odds of catching a big fish, a true trophy. The more we go, the better the odds of catching one of those fish that memories are made of. Read More
  • Different Lure Actions for Different Fish A lot of factors can determine how many fish we’ll catch through the ice. Color is important: So is lure size. How the bait is attached to your line can be a consideration. Read More
  • On Rookies, Vets And Repeats: Berkley Pros Prep For Classic Their backgrounds are varied, their experiences and expertise, too; though each day finds them thinking about the same place. Lake Hartwell, site of this year's Bassmaster Classic, is never far from their minds. Read More
  • Late Ice Panfish In some states throughout the Midwest, the ice-fishing season for walleyes and northern pike is coming to a close, or has, in fact, already closed. If you live in one of those areas, now is not the time to hang up the ice-rods and put the shelter and auger in storage. There are still some very good opportunities for ice-fishing action. Read More
  • A Peek At New Classic-Inspired Baits As far as bass tournaments go, they don't get any bigger than the Bassmaster Classic. And I'm not just saying that because I won last year, either. But look around the industry; read the magazines and the websites and you will see that success is often measured by what happens during the Classic. Read More
  • Do Fish Say Ouch? There is perhaps no more reflective issue in fishing than the subject of pain. Not so much ours but that of the fish. Do fish really feel pain, and if so how much do they feel? Do they scream in agony at a good hook-set, or do they feel no more than a potato does when being cut up for French fries? Read More
  • Can Bass Learn, Or Are They Like My Pet Cat? Can bass learn? Do they remember their experiences with lures? Can they apply their knowledge to lures they have never seen before? Read More
  • Deep Thoughts: How Leaving The Bank Can Yield More Bass To watch the average bass tournament, the outcome is so often decided on who finds the best stretch of bank. But what happens when the shallow bite isn't there? Where do you go when the fish have closed the bank? Read More
  • The Strike Zone - It's all in the Eyes In all those ball sports, the ability to make the pitch, shoot the basket, sink the putt, or thread the ball between two defenders when all the chips are down, the money on the line, and the pressure on is what separates the men from the boys, the professionals from the amateurs. The same is true for bass fishing, particularly tournament fishing, largely because of the way bass are made. Read More
  • Catching Bass in November Shorter days, cool temperatures and buck fever go a long ways toward calming many an avid angler’s desire to put the boat in the water and go fishing for trophy bass. But for everyone who already has the tarp over the boat and the rods and reels in the closet, know this: autumn – especially mid-November to mid-December – offers some terrific opportunities to catch bass. In fact, it may be one of the best times of the year. Read More
  • Make a Jerkbait Work for You You know fall is here when you see the leaves starting to change, the cooler breezes blow through and comfortable temperatures take the place of summer's stuffy heat. A lot of people are thinking about where to hang their deer stands. But if you refuse to put away the rod and reel and park the boat like me, you're out there trying to figure out how to catch a bass during the fall transition. Read More
  • When Life Gives You Lemons When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. The guy who formulated that tidbit was probably thinking of one-time nagging little problems. I doubt he had in mind being buried with a whole crop of lemons year after year. But that's exactly what bass face each year with the coming of winter another round of massive lemon drops. Read More
  • Cranked Up on Fluorocarbon If you respool your reels as much as I do, I hope you stocked up on some extra fluorocarbon line recently because it's summer and you're going to need it. Read More
  • Goby With A Southern Drawl Sometimes, you just never know what's going to be on the other end of the line when you reel it in. On most days, that can be a pretty fun prospect especially in a place you don't fish a lot. Read More