Angler Education


  • Ummmm, That Warm Water is Just Right To me there's nothing like slipping into a comfortable tub of hot water after a hard day's work. Something about those warm waters swirling about, gently tickling my toes, easing my aching muscles, just leaves me with a really special sensation. Bass feel exactly the same. Read More
  • Sometimes Simple is Best When it comes to catching fish, there are a lot of different ways to do so. In the past twenty years there have been numerous lure and lure presentation developments. Many of these new lures and presentation ideas have resulted in anglers catching more fish. However, there are days when the fish are finicky and want just a plain presentation. Read More
  • Sight Fishing When You Can't See The Fish Spring sight fishing: perhaps nothing is more nerve racking than seeing a big bass hovering over a bed with a perfectly pitched soft bait lying inches away. Polarized sunglasses help see through the glare and optimum sunlight provides great color contrast. Read More
  • Heat Up in the Pre Spawn Chill Oh, I know it might be cold in the mornings and I know that little cold fronts will turn off those Florida strain largemouth but Pre Spawn is still my favorite time of year to bass fish. The fish are bigger now than at any time of the year, they are bunched up and easy to catch. What more can we ask for? Read More
  • Sight Fishing Maybe it’s cold outside where you are right now, maybe the lakes are all iced over. Or perhaps the sun is shining and the temperature hasn’t dipped below 70 degrees in a while. Either way, if you consider yourself an angler, it’s time to start thinking about sight fishing. Read More
  • Finding Bass at Home in Riprap There’s an easy way to know when the water in your favorite lake warms up: massive quantities of pleasure boaters flock to it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being out on the water as much as anybody and I understand that people would want to ski or tube or just enjoy the scenery. But if you are like me and trying to catch a fish, you’d prefer to avoid the traffic. Read More
  • PowerBait HollowBelly: Top to Bottom With any presentation, confidence is the key. A swimbait isn't like a dropshot; it doesn't catch the volume of fish like a dropshot. If an angler learns to dropshot and takes it to his pond, they can almost instantly start catching fish. Read More
  • Why do bass eat plastic worms? Having a curious mind can have its drawbacks. For me it's a particular nuisance when I'm fishing trying to focus on the task at hand. One minute I'll be casting to a log, intent on retrieving my lure, and before I know it the bait is sitting still while my mind races off reflecting on life's great mysteries. Read More
  • The Ins and Outs of Flipping Late fall can be a rough period of fishing because the bass are in transition in most areas and sometimes difficult to find. But in many places, the bass are targeting schools of spawning shad in backs of coves. And while the bass might not be actively gorging on the schools all day long, they will never pass up an opportunity for an easy meal. Read More
  • Fishing the Post Spawn Post-spawn fishing for bass can encompass everything from hatched eggs to shady summer haunts, but it pretty much begins as soon as the bass start leaving their spawning beds and runs throughout the summer. Read More
  • Crankbaits - Scott Rook's Search Party? Fishing unfamiliar water during an unfamiliar time of the year is nothing new to BASS pro and Berkley ® Pro Staff member Scott Rook. With limited time during competition to locate and catch fish, this Arkansas pro turns to one of his strong suits crankbaits to help put him on a winning pattern. Read More
  • The Drop Shot: Another Angler's View Coming of age as a professional bass angler in the West, Berkley Pro Byron Velvick is also no stranger to the light-line finesse tactics that trace their domestic origins to the region. Read More
  • Dissecting the Prespawn - Migration routes and fish behavior crucial to early success Before we can delve too far into the finer points of fishing the prespawn, we need to quickly define the term. To me, it's one of the most exciting times of the year for bass fishing because this is when fish are heading toward the bank and actively feeding, when 80 percent of the fish in any given body of water will be forced into shallow water of 10 feet or less. Read More
  • Fishing The Heavy Weight SinkWorm When deciding what this month's feature should be about, I decided to look to the future a little bit and see what one of the hot baits on the BASS Elite Series Tour might be next year. Read More
  • About Fluorocarbon Lines and New Braids To further my fishing education, I’ve been reading about and comparing my experiences with veteran fishing guides and anglers in regards to fishing lines made of fluorocarbon and gel-spun Polyethylene, which are the micro fibers super-lines are made from. Read More
  • Shade Fishing Most people think that catching big bass in the summer is more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Much like anything else that has to spend all day outside during the hottest part of the year, bass will look for a shady place to hang out. Read More