Angler Education


  • Shade Fishing Most people think that catching big bass in the summer is more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Much like anything else that has to spend all day outside during the hottest part of the year, bass will look for a shady place to hang out. Read More
  • When Life Gives You Lemons When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. The guy who formulated that tidbit was probably thinking of one-time nagging little problems. I doubt he had in mind being buried with a whole crop of lemons year after year. But that's exactly what bass face each year with the coming of winter another round of massive lemon drops. Read More
  • The Bass With The Built-In Motion Detector Motionless objects simply do not signal food to a bass' brain. To a bass, food moves. A bass' motion detection may be its strongest predatory sense. In some respects, bass are better at seeing motion than humans are. Read More
  • Ideas for Open Water Fishing In some areas of the Midwest, open water fishing is still several weeks away. In other areas of the Midwest, anglers are on the water chasing walleyes, sauger, panfish, and whatever else. Regardless of where you live, now is a good time to consider the following ideas as to how you can be more productive on the water during the upcoming open water fishing season. Read More
  • Bass and Deep-Water Ledges It’s not unusual for people to equate bass fishing with the shallow-water flipping and pitching that goes on so many places throughout the country. True, largemouth bass, when they inhabit structure-filled water sheds, will be found regularly around the bank, near blown-down trees, hydrilla, lilipads and other places that provide them outstanding places to both forage and hide. Read More
  • Bottom Bouncer Rigging Bottom Bouncer Live Bait Rigging is a great tactic to use when walleyes are relating tight to deep structure and are considered to be in a neutral or negative feeding mood. Read More
  • The Best Time to Fish According to the Bass Like any other visual predator, a bass' hunting ability varies with the photic environment. There isn't an animal alive; neither predator nor prey that is lord and master of the entire light intensity range. Read More
  • Fish the Weedline for Summer Action In the summer, predator fish like walleyes, pike, bass, and crappies will be wherever their food is. If there isn't something for them to eat in an area, they simply won't be there, or at least they won't be there very long. Read More
  • Minimizing Stress During Tournament Weigh-Ins It's a crying shame to keep a bass alive throughout the fishing day only to have it die at a tournament weigh-in station. And yet, for a bass that has endured a long day in a livewell, this is where the balance of life or death often hangs. Any excessive handling or neglect in these final stages can be critical. Read More
  • On Rookies, Vets And Repeats: Berkley Pros Prep For Classic Their backgrounds are varied, their experiences and expertise, too; though each day finds them thinking about the same place. Lake Hartwell, site of this year's Bassmaster Classic, is never far from their minds. Read More
  • Turning to Grass for Bass After the warmth of summer, there’s no doubt that your favorite fishing hole has some vegetation built up in it. In summer, when the water warms, the different aquatic vegetations are able to bloom. And if you are a bass angler, there’s nothing that makes you happier than grass in a fishery. Read More
  • Bass on the Rocks Even without a calendar and temperature changes, there’s an easy way to mark the arrival of summer: the massive quantities of pleasure boaters taking to local lakes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being out on the water as much as anybody and I understand that people would want to ski or tube or just enjoy the scenery. But if you are like me and trying to catch a fish, you’d prefer to avoid the traffic. Read More
  • Fishing for Spawning Bass Among anglers, there is perhaps no more controversial topic than whether or not, as conservationists, we ought to fish for bass while they are spawning. Read More
  • What's Up With Double Digit Bass? Berkley's Dr. Keith Jones is one of the foremost authorities. He knows the answers to questions most anglers can only offer a guess. Read More
  • A Peek At New Classic-Inspired Baits As far as bass tournaments go, they don't get any bigger than the Bassmaster Classic. And I'm not just saying that because I won last year, either. But look around the industry; read the magazines and the websites and you will see that success is often measured by what happens during the Classic. Read More
  • Do Fish Say Ouch? There is perhaps no more reflective issue in fishing than the subject of pain. Not so much ours but that of the fish. Do fish really feel pain, and if so how much do they feel? Do they scream in agony at a good hook-set, or do they feel no more than a potato does when being cut up for French fries? Read More