Angler Education


  • Land that Lunker Fishing season is here, or at least a lot closer, throughout the Midwest. Are you going to try to go fishing more often this year? If so, that increases your odds of catching a big fish, a true trophy. The more we go, the better the odds of catching one of those fish that memories are made of. Read More
  • From Funky To Fun: November Bass There's no shortage of activities competing for the attention of anglers during the fall. As anglers, it's obvious we love to be outdoors; and after a summer of hitting the water hard, watching some football or sitting in a deer stand sounds like a pretty good idea. Read More
  • The Strike Zone - It's all in the Eyes In all those ball sports, the ability to make the pitch, shoot the basket, sink the putt, or thread the ball between two defenders when all the chips are down, the money on the line, and the pressure on is what separates the men from the boys, the professionals from the amateurs. The same is true for bass fishing, particularly tournament fishing, largely because of the way bass are made. Read More
  • Take It Down A Notch: Power Fishing with Finesse Take it down a notch. A lot of people have been telling me that lately. And, in one way of thinking, I have. I've added finesse to my power fishing. Read More
  • No One Fishes With Just One Bait! Whether I'm watching one of those med shows like ER or my experience is more firsthand, I'm always amazed at the number of tools surgeons need to work. Bass anglers should relate to these extravagant instrumental needs quite well. After all, when it comes to having a lure for all occasions, we share the same mentality as surgeons. Read More
  • Fish Attractants: Leave the oil at home Oil-based scents are derived from the highly purified oily fractions of processed natural foods like herring, shad, and crayfish, primarily composed of fatty compounds renowned for their insolubility in water. Read More
  • Different Lure Actions for Different Fish A lot of factors can determine how many fish we’ll catch through the ice. Color is important: So is lure size. How the bait is attached to your line can be a consideration. Read More
  • Ideas for End of the Season Ice Fishing The end of the ice-fishing season is approaching. It’s not here, but it’s closer. This is good news in two very different ways. Read More
  • Fishing Deep Water in Winter Fishing in deep water is still probably the most misunderstood type of fishing that bass anglers have to deal with on a regular basis. Deep water can be productive almost any time of year that the bass aren’t on the beds, but during the winter is when it can be especially effective. Read More
  • Catching Deep Water Smallmouth Trying to put a pattern together for last year's BASS Elite Series event on Lake Oneida, I was lucky enough to spot birds that were actively feeding on baitfish. I got close enough but not too close to see that they were stuffing themselves on juvenile yellow perch that were being pushed to the top of the water column through an opening in some aquatic grasses. Read More
  • Drop Shotting for Idiots Most fishermen have it in their heads that it's some kind of hoodoo, voodoo way to catch a fish. They think it is hard to learn, hard to do and only works in those clear lakes out West. But they are wrong and, most of the time, they won't have any fish in their livewells because they are too stubborn to learn. Read More
  • Restocking Your Tackle Box for the New Year If you’re like me, I’m sure more than a few people have already asked what you want for Christmas. Some people have said that it’s hard to buy me presents – but it’s really not. As far as Christmases, birthdays – any day – goes for me, you can never go wrong with fishing gear. Read More
  • Go Big...Or Go Home Typically, anglers would be thrilled to get any bite at any time. But things change during the month of April. Read More
  • How to Fish with Scented Baits Scented baits catch more fish. That’s a fact. And because of that, scented baits of various styles are hitting the market at a seemingly weekly basis. Read More
  • Between Meal Snacks for late Summer Bass September is a month of plenty, if you're a bass that is. There are baitfish everywhere. Huge clouds of baitfish. That's one thing about bass fishing now that makes it stand out better than most months. Read More
  • Slip-bobbers for More Fish Sometimes anglers get ideas locked in their heads about certain techniques. Some think that using a jig requires a natural knowledge of how the bait should be hopped across the bottom. Others think that using a crankbait is nothing more than just throwing it out and reeling it back in, or putting it out behind the boat and trolling around. And then there are those that think that bobbers are what inexperienced anglers use to detect strikes. Read More