Berkley Cast For Cash


How do I qualify to become Berkley Cast for Cash member?

  • Any angler can purchase a Cast for Cash membership and be a part of Berkley’s bait contingency program. Become a member here.

How do I become eligible to win Cast for Cash contingency prize money in sanctioned tournaments?

  • To be eligible to win Cast for Cash prize money, anglers must become registered members of the contingency program and follow all Cast for Cash rules and regulations to remain eligible. Review the rules and regulations here. Cast for Cash memberships are based on a calendar year. Anglers who wish to remain a part of the program from one year to the next much purchase the following year’s Cast for Cash membership.

How do I Register?

  • Purchase Cast for Cash membership here.
  • Receive confirmation email.
  • Print off membership card (found in confirmation email) and bring to tournament.

Can I purchase my friends and family members a Berkley Cast for Cash membership?

  • Yes – purchases must be placed separately. There is a limit of one Cast for Cash membership per angler. However, anglers can purchase as many as they would like for family members and friends.

Who qualifies to receive Cast for Cash contingency prize money?

  • At sanctioned tournaments, eligible Cast for Cash members (see rules) who finish in the top two (2) out of all Cast for Cash members at that tournament will be awarded a prize.

Is there a boat minimum to win a Cast for Cash payout?

  • Yes – there must be 20 boats minimum in a tournament for it to be considered sanctioned.

If I am one of the top two Berkley Cast for Cast finishers how do I collect my prize money?

  • Cast for Cash winners will collect their winnings directly from the management team from that particular tournament. Tournament directors may award prize money at their own discretion and will do so on tournament day or as late as thirty (30) days after the tournament via mail.

How long does my membership last?

  • Memberships are activated on January 1st or at time of purchase (if after January 1) and will last through December 31st of the calendar year that the membership was purchased.For example, if you are purchasing a 2019 Cast for Cash membership, that membership will be active starting on January 1st, 2019 or anytime purchased after that date, and will be set to expire on December 31st, 2019 regardless of purchase date.

Do I need to purchase a membership each year?

  • Yes – anglers will need to purchase a new membership each year.

Does my partner need to be a Cast for Cash member if fishing a team tournament?

  • Yes – both anglers must be Cast for Cash members to be eligible to win the prize money.

Is there a limit to how many anglers can register for Cast for Cash?

  • Yes – there will only be 3,000 slots for the 2019 season.

What are the Cast for Cast payouts?