Angler Education


  • Fish Talkin': Are you listening Throughout the years there have been many people talking about the importance of listening to what fish tell you in order to catch a good bag of fish. I believe there is a major misconception on this thought process. Read More
  • Fishing The Heavy Weight SinkWorm When deciding what this month's feature should be about, I decided to look to the future a little bit and see what one of the hot baits on the BASS Elite Series Tour might be next year. Read More
  • Gulp! and PowerBait Unplugged While Gulp! ® and Gulp! ® Alive! have become overnight sensations, the development of the two products was anything but fast. For more than 20 years, Gulp! technology has existed in the Berkley ® Spirit Lake, Iowa, testing labs. Read More
  • Fishing Unfamiliar Water Bass tournament season will shift into high gear later next month when the Bassmaster Classic kicks off the Elite Series season at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. Read More
  • Ice Fishing Ideas There was a skim of ice on the pond the other morning which served as a good reminder that ice-fishing is getting closer all the time. While we’re probably still a couple of weeks away from getting on the ice, now is a good time to think about some of the things we can do this year to have a successful ice-fishing season. Read More
  • The Two Sides Of December December can be a month full of a lot of variables and pinpointing one or two things that would help people all around the country can be a little difficult. Read More
  • Finding Bass When the Water Gets Cold I wrote last month about water temperature and boat electronics, but there are plenty of opportunities to find fish without relying on a surface temperature gauge. Knowing the various physical influences on localized water conditions can lead an angler to find those secret honey holes where the bass like to congregate. Read More
  • Ice Fishing Doesn't Have to be Cold There’s a popular perception about ice-fishing. That perception is that you have to like cold weather to like ice-fishing. While it’s true that we need some cold weather to make ice so we can go ice-fishing, you don’t need to be cold while you’re ice-fishing. Here are some reasons why you can go ice-fishing without getting cold. Read More
  • Restocking Your Tackle Box for the New Year If you’re like me, I’m sure more than a few people have already asked what you want for Christmas. Some people have said that it’s hard to buy me presents – but it’s really not. As far as Christmases, birthdays – any day – goes for me, you can never go wrong with fishing gear. Read More
  • From Funky To Fun: November Bass There's no shortage of activities competing for the attention of anglers during the fall. As anglers, it's obvious we love to be outdoors; and after a summer of hitting the water hard, watching some football or sitting in a deer stand sounds like a pretty good idea. Read More
  • The future of fishing? I hope not Far too many anglers motor into a new area, glance once or twice at the temperature gauge while dropping the trolling motor, and proceed to leave having drawn the wrong conclusions about temperature's effects on bass. Read More
  • The Ins and Outs of Flipping Late fall can be a rough period of fishing because the bass are in transition in most areas and sometimes difficult to find. But in many places, the bass are targeting schools of spawning shad in backs of coves. And while the bass might not be actively gorging on the schools all day long, they will never pass up an opportunity for an easy meal. Read More
  • Sometimes Simple is Best When it comes to catching fish, there are a lot of different ways to do so. In the past twenty years there have been numerous lure and lure presentation developments. Many of these new lures and presentation ideas have resulted in anglers catching more fish. However, there are days when the fish are finicky and want just a plain presentation. Read More
  • No One Fishes With Just One Bait! Whether I'm watching one of those med shows like ER or my experience is more firsthand, I'm always amazed at the number of tools surgeons need to work. Bass anglers should relate to these extravagant instrumental needs quite well. After all, when it comes to having a lure for all occasions, we share the same mentality as surgeons. Read More
  • Look Deep for Fall Bass I don't much care for summer bass fishing. It's not like I have a choice, I fish when and where there are tournaments. It's just that fall tournaments and fall bass fishing is so much more fun and productive for me. I like fishing right now. This time of year is my favorite and I catch lots of fish. Read More
  • Jigs for Fall Walleyes The fall season is a great time to catch lots of walleyes, and it’s a great time to catch big walleyes. There are also a lot of outstanding ways to catch walleyes this time of year, but if limited to one presentation, many of the best walleye anglers in the Midwest would choose a jig. Here’s how you can catch more and bigger walleyes on jigs in the next few weeks. Read More