Angler Education


  • Beating the Postspawn Blahs Most anglers have a love/hate thing going on with trying to catch bass during the postspawn.I love it.This may be the best time of year to catch bass. It's easy. Read More
  • Ice Fishing Ideas There was a skim of ice on the pond the other morning which served as a good reminder that ice-fishing is getting closer all the time. While we’re probably still a couple of weeks away from getting on the ice, now is a good time to think about some of the things we can do this year to have a successful ice-fishing season. Read More
  • How to Turn Cooling Weather into a Hot Bite Among all the different factors that affect bass behavior, none has more impact than the seasons. Fish – especially bass – are ruled by the weather. Read More
  • Carolina Rigs for Pre-Spawn, Spawning Bass If it hasn’t already begun to happen where you live, then over the next few months, the water in your favorite fishery will begin to warm up and all the bass will instinctively begin to think about reproducing. Read More
  • With a Bass, Size Does Matter Bass practice prey size selection as soon as they start feeding, demonstrating that size selection is instinctual. Selection might be controlled by the optics of the visual system. Read More
  • Slip-Bobbers for More Fish this Year There are lots of ways to catch fish throughout a fishing season. Every year, an angler should try to learn a new technique. By doing so, that angler will be able to more successful more often. Read More
  • Pitching - It's An Art Form I look at pitching a bait to shallow cover as an art form. It's not only placing a lure where you want, it is much, much more. And when anglers understand the need to get beyond the technical aspects they will be, by far, better fishermen. On a competitive level, pitching is critical. Read More
  • Finesse Fishing in Shallow Water One of the many great things about fishing is that presents endless possibilities. Pretty much everyone takes to the water with a single goal in mind: to catch fish. Read More
  • The Cold, Hard Facts About Winter Bass Fishing Wherever you fish, the stories are almost the same. Bass fishing is a warm-weather activity. Fall makes its way into winter and the boats get winterized and packed away with the rods and reels until spring. Fish are cold-blooded creatures so there's no way they have any interest in feeding on anything an angler has to offer while the mercury is dipping. Read More
  • Monofilament VS Fluorocarbon - Infographic Your fishing line is the only connection between you and the fish. For every successful fish story you might hear at the boat ramp, there are probably many more tales about anglers left in disbelief as the fish of their dreams breaks their line -- never to be seen again. Read More
  • Jigs for Fall Walleyes The fall season is a great time to catch lots of walleyes, and it’s a great time to catch big walleyes. There are also a lot of outstanding ways to catch walleyes this time of year, but if limited to one presentation, many of the best walleye anglers in the Midwest would choose a jig. Here’s how you can catch more and bigger walleyes on jigs in the next few weeks. Read More
  • Crappie Dock Patterns You know the local lake that you spend all your time fishing? The one with all those houses that line the shore – the houses with all the boat docks? Those docks might be clogged with people loading and unloading boats and having all kinds of fun, but some of the best crappie fishing can be found directly below them at almost any time of year. Read More
  • Corralling Cruisers with a Floating Worm If you spend time at the lake, either at the marina or around the boat slips, undoubtedly you’ve noticed bass cruising around. You’ve probably been on the water since before sunrise, made a long run to an end of the lake and all the while there are bass within a short walk of a hot cup of coffee and an indoor restroom. It can be frustrating. Read More
  • Super-sized Summer Dropshot From the time the weather began to warm early this year until now, every lake in the country has seen the local angling population hammer the resident bass with every bait and presentation under the sun. And now, with the return of summer’s heat, long days and rising water temperatures, the bass in most places are retreating to their offshore confines, looking for cover and an easy meal. Read More
  • Late Ice Panfish In some states throughout the Midwest, the ice-fishing season for walleyes and northern pike is coming to a close, or has, in fact, already closed. If you live in one of those areas, now is not the time to hang up the ice-rods and put the shelter and auger in storage. There are still some very good opportunities for ice-fishing action. Read More
  • Fish Talkin': Are you listening Throughout the years there have been many people talking about the importance of listening to what fish tell you in order to catch a good bag of fish. I believe there is a major misconception on this thought process. Read More