Angler Education


  • Make a Jerkbait Work for You You know fall is here when you see the leaves starting to change, the cooler breezes blow through and comfortable temperatures take the place of summer's stuffy heat. A lot of people are thinking about where to hang their deer stands. But if you refuse to put away the rod and reel and park the boat like me, you're out there trying to figure out how to catch a bass during the fall transition. Read More
  • When Life Gives You Lemons When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. The guy who formulated that tidbit was probably thinking of one-time nagging little problems. I doubt he had in mind being buried with a whole crop of lemons year after year. But that's exactly what bass face each year with the coming of winter another round of massive lemon drops. Read More
  • Cranked Up on Fluorocarbon If you respool your reels as much as I do, I hope you stocked up on some extra fluorocarbon line recently because it's summer and you're going to need it. Read More
  • Goby With A Southern Drawl Sometimes, you just never know what's going to be on the other end of the line when you reel it in. On most days, that can be a pretty fun prospect especially in a place you don't fish a lot. Read More
  • Slip-Bobbers for More Fish this Year There are lots of ways to catch fish throughout a fishing season. Every year, an angler should try to learn a new technique. By doing so, that angler will be able to more successful more often. Read More
  • Catching Deep Water Smallmouth Trying to put a pattern together for last year's BASS Elite Series event on Lake Oneida, I was lucky enough to spot birds that were actively feeding on baitfish. I got close enough but not too close to see that they were stuffing themselves on juvenile yellow perch that were being pushed to the top of the water column through an opening in some aquatic grasses. Read More
  • Slip-bobbers for More Fish Sometimes anglers get ideas locked in their heads about certain techniques. Some think that using a jig requires a natural knowledge of how the bait should be hopped across the bottom. Others think that using a crankbait is nothing more than just throwing it out and reeling it back in, or putting it out behind the boat and trolling around. And then there are those that think that bobbers are what inexperienced anglers use to detect strikes. Read More
  • Bottom Bouncer Rigging Bottom Bouncer Live Bait Rigging is a great tactic to use when walleyes are relating tight to deep structure and are considered to be in a neutral or negative feeding mood. Read More
  • Getting Down With Shaky Heads Being a Southern guy and seeing as how I won the Classic Flippin' a Berkley PowerBait Chigger Craw, most people probably don't associate me with shaky head jigs. For a lot of people, fishing with a shaky head means cooler water, smallmouth fishing, things like that. Sometimes, misconceptions abound. Read More
  • Calming the Waters of Stressed Bass If you are a tournament angler who gets really stressed out during competition, then you and the bass have something in common. Read More
  • Transition Walleyes In many areas of the Midwest, walleye fishing for the next couple of weeks will be one of transition. And, with the strange weather so far this year, this transition period could be even a few days longer than ordinary. Read More
  • Sight Fishing When You Can't See The Fish Spring sight fishing: perhaps nothing is more nerve racking than seeing a big bass hovering over a bed with a perfectly pitched soft bait lying inches away. Polarized sunglasses help see through the glare and optimum sunlight provides great color contrast. Read More
  • Bass can be Pigs! Being the scientific sort, I have occasionally sat by at family reunions quietly studying the eating habits of our collective teenage boys. Watching them eat can be an awesome experience and it takes on a whole new dimension when they eat hot dogs. Read More
  • Heat Up in the Pre Spawn Chill Oh, I know it might be cold in the mornings and I know that little cold fronts will turn off those Florida strain largemouth but Pre Spawn is still my favorite time of year to bass fish. The fish are bigger now than at any time of the year, they are bunched up and easy to catch. What more can we ask for? Read More
  • Knock 'Em Cold: Fishing During Late-Winter Blasts During a recent test my partner and I had done just ok on our first day of fishing. We decided to give what looked to be a promising point one last try. Unbeknownst to us (and unreported by the weatherman), an intense storm system was heading our way. We had fished the point once again unsuccessfully for about 10 minutes when the storm hit. Read More
  • Lake Lay Classic Strategies OK. I'm really ready. I'm ready physically; I'm in great shape. Coming off one of the best seasons of my career, I'm ready mentally. And my tackle for the Bassmaster Classic is packed, ready to go. Packing tackle might sound a little lame but it is not. It's not just throwing a bunch of this and a little of that in a bag and calling it good it's a process. You need to take into account all the many different variables and factors of wherever it is that you're going. Seasonal patterns for the region, historic weather patterns, fishing pressures and the lake itself are all extremely important. Read More