Angler Education


  • Go Big...Or Go Home Typically, anglers would be thrilled to get any bite at any time. But things change during the month of April. Read More
  • How to Fish with Scented Baits Scented baits catch more fish. That’s a fact. And because of that, scented baits of various styles are hitting the market at a seemingly weekly basis. Read More
  • Between Meal Snacks for late Summer Bass September is a month of plenty, if you're a bass that is. There are baitfish everywhere. Huge clouds of baitfish. That's one thing about bass fishing now that makes it stand out better than most months. Read More
  • Slip-bobbers for More Fish Sometimes anglers get ideas locked in their heads about certain techniques. Some think that using a jig requires a natural knowledge of how the bait should be hopped across the bottom. Others think that using a crankbait is nothing more than just throwing it out and reeling it back in, or putting it out behind the boat and trolling around. And then there are those that think that bobbers are what inexperienced anglers use to detect strikes. Read More
  • Up-sizing Summertime Baits By this time of year, throughout many parts of the country, bass have seen a fair amount of fishing pressure. Common sense tells us that bass in this situation can become harder to catch and luring them to bite requires downsizing both line and bait. While this may be a good tactic for most places, targeting pressured bass in summer doesn’t always require picking up a spinning rod and a finesse bait. Read More
  • Bass can be Pigs! Being the scientific sort, I have occasionally sat by at family reunions quietly studying the eating habits of our collective teenage boys. Watching them eat can be an awesome experience and it takes on a whole new dimension when they eat hot dogs. Read More
  • Columbia River Gorge Angling Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead are the fish species you can find in the Columbia River Gorge. The following is a description of each major fishery and includes when, where and how to make your fishing adventure a successful one. Read More
  • Catching Out-of-Sight Spawning Bass It's not all about the shiny spots. Just because you can't see the bass on the beds doesn't mean you're not going to catch them. Read More
  • Locating Summer Transition Bass June is normally what we consider a transition month for bass. The transition we're referring to is the movement of bass from their spawning flats to their deep-water summer hangouts. Read More
  • Getting Down With Shaky Heads Being a Southern guy and seeing as how I won the Classic Flippin' a Berkley PowerBait Chigger Craw, most people probably don't associate me with shaky head jigs. For a lot of people, fishing with a shaky head means cooler water, smallmouth fishing, things like that. Sometimes, misconceptions abound. Read More
  • Skippin' to Better Bass It is always about the presentation. Successfully Skippin' a bait across the surface of the water to a cruising bass takes a certain amount of practice. Oh, but it's worth it. Read More
  • Transition Walleyes In many areas of the Midwest, walleye fishing for the next couple of weeks will be one of transition. And, with the strange weather so far this year, this transition period could be even a few days longer than ordinary. Read More
  • Ice Fishing Doesn't Have to be Cold There’s a popular perception about ice-fishing. That perception is that you have to like cold weather to like ice-fishing. While it’s true that we need some cold weather to make ice so we can go ice-fishing, you don’t need to be cold while you’re ice-fishing. Here are some reasons why you can go ice-fishing without getting cold. Read More
  • Gulp! and PowerBait Unplugged While Gulp! ® and Gulp! ® Alive! have become overnight sensations, the development of the two products was anything but fast. For more than 20 years, Gulp! technology has existed in the Berkley ® Spirit Lake, Iowa, testing labs. Read More
  • Catching Bass in November Shorter days, cool temperatures and buck fever go a long ways toward calming many an avid angler’s desire to put the boat in the water and go fishing for trophy bass. But for everyone who already has the tarp over the boat and the rods and reels in the closet, know this: autumn – especially mid-November to mid-December – offers some terrific opportunities to catch bass. In fact, it may be one of the best times of the year. Read More
  • Troll or Cast for More Fish? There are a lot of different ways for an angler to present a bait to fish, but trolling and casting are two of the most popular methods, and also two of the most productive. Let’s talk about when casting works best and when trolling works best. Read More