About Berkley

Berkley® Powerbait® Slim Shad

Big Body With a Big Attitude

Baits that lumber through the water do so without any life and they fail to entice fish to strike. While the Berkley® PowerBait® Slim Shad is big (six inches long) its ribbed body gives it much more action than the stale behemoths that lumber through the water columns.

The paddle tail and deep, thin body gives the bait a rolling action like no other. With a ribbed body, the Slim Shad has a swimming action that calls to big bass that are holed up in deep-water grass pockets late in the season. Big predators prey on big baitfish, which don’t fly through the water like small ones. Big baitfish cruise through the water in a somewhat carefree manner, making them easy forage for big bass not looking to expend a lot of energy to secure a meal.

Rigged on either a large jighead, weighted belly hook or part of a Texas rig, the Slim Shad is designed for deep-water applications. It doesn’t matter if bass are suspended deep or cruising the shallows guarding fry, the Slim Shad can be thrown in most any conditions. With a significant amount of belly roll producing more flash, the Slim Shad is ideal in low light or murky waters.

The large profile and 12 colors give this bait a realistic look, while the exclusive PowerBait formula delivers a taste that bass can’t resist. Slim Shad come in packaging of two and have an MSRP of $4.99.

  • Scent: PowerBait
  • Colors: Blue Shiner Gold, Blue Back Herring, California, Chartreuse Shad, Gizzard Shad, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, June Bug, Oyster Shell Gold, Pearl White Silver Fleck, Racy Shad, Swamp Gas, Tennessee Shad
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Rigging: Jighead or Weighted Belly Hook
  • MSRP: $4.99