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Working Flash Lures for Ice Fishing

Flash lures are one of the most popular jigging lures for ice fishing. Potential jigging sequences are limited only by your imagination and your interpretation of how fish are reacting. Yet, just as no secret lures exist, neither does a secret jigging sequence. Several jigging moves help trigger a fish once it appears on a flasher. Jig with timely pauses. If you must, count up to five seconds to give fish time to strike. Over-jigging is the biggest mistake most anglers make. Stop jigging, or just twitch the spoon lightly to rock the bait tipped on the lower treble back and forth, keeping the spoon stationary. In clear water, try lowering the lure to the bottom where thumping and stirring up bottom content can trigger strikes. Keep it simple, but try to get a rhythm going that seems to trigger more strikes.

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