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The New Berkley Slobberknocker

Scientifically superior bladed jig, tuned to the frequency that attracts bass and paired with unmatched Powerbait® Flavor.

Berkley's Powerbait Jigs

The Berkley scientists had one goal in creating the new Berkley PowerBait Jigs: to create a jig that would outfish all other jigs.

The Stunna:Versatile, Castable, Original.

We pulled out all of the stops to give the Stunna its fish-catching prowess: sharp, side-to-side darting action, realistic baitfish shimmy, bewitching side flash, optimized center of gravity for ultimate castability.

Saltwater Hardbaits:Outcast. Outlast. Outfish.

If you want to fish the seas, you have to survive the salt. Built to thrive in the harshest elements, we packed 85 years of innovation into these saltwater hardbaits.

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Terminal Tackle

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Berkley Line

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