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Poor Practice, Amazing Result for Reese

Skeet Reese claims eighth BASS title on Guntersville

Sometimes practice just doesn't go the way it should. Skeet Reese entered the B.A.S.S. Elite tournament on Alabama's Lake Guntersville this past weekend with little hope after the practice he'd just had, but in the end practice didn't matter. On Sunday, the Berkley pro claimed his eighth B.A.S.S. title and left with $100,000 in his pocket. The four-day event yielded 92 pounds, 11 ounces for the California pro.

"It couldn't be scripted any better," said Reese. "When you have the type of practice I did you just don't win these things. It wasn't complete hopelessness, but it was getting close. I felt I had a decent plan, but nothing solid."

Fishing near Siebold Creek, Reese threw a big swimbait around laydowns an structure in the shallows using 25-pound Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.

"The line was crucial for me." said Reese. "I chose 25-pound Trilene Fluorocarbon because of the type of area I was fishing and the size of bait I was throwing. The line is abrasive resistant enough to get the fish out quick and the Trilene Fluorocarbon line isn't rigid and stiff. It allowed the big swimbait to maintain the intended action, no matter how fast I reeled."

Despite holding on to the lead for the first three days, Berkley pro Michael Iaconelli lost the lead to Reese on the final day, finishing in twelfth.

Next up for the Elite Series event is April 30 – May 3 on the Sacramento River in Sacramento, California. The west coast swing should be very appealing to Reese since he is a California native.

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