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Berkley Donates To Wounded Warrior Program

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Berkley recognized the Wounded Warriors with a raffle for Berkley Pro jerseys in the Berkley Booth during the Classic Expo. All proceeds gathered during the Classic Expo raffle were donated to the Wounded Warriors on the final day of the Classic. Classic attendees raised $2,050 during the raffle, and Berkley matched the donations for the Wounded Warriors. The final amount raised by Classic Expo attendees and Berkley was $4,100.

Berkley selected one Wounded Warrior that received an all-expenses paid trip to the Classic in Shreveport. Cpl. Justin Gaertner, an avid bass fisherman, was recognized and awarded the trip along with a complete fishing package to help him reclaim his time on the water.

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Justin Gaertner served in Afghanistan, and the day after Thanksgiving 2010, Gaertner, 21, was patrolling for mines in the Marja district of Afghanistan when an improvised bomb, stuffed in a glass jug, exploded beneath his feet.

"As an organization and as individuals we have a responsibility and obligation to help out our veterans," said John Doerr, Berkley President and CEO. "The Wounded Warriors are a shining example of the dedication it takes to provide an outlet to our veterans so they have every opportunity to adjust to a new life. Berkley is thrilled to have the chance to help out Cpl. Gaertner and the Wounded Warriors."

The Alabama Bass Federation Nation won one of the raffled jerseys and the organization plans on putting the Skeet Reese jersey up for auction. The club will then donate all those proceeds to the Wounded Warriors, garnering more support for this great organization.

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