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Canadian Record Broken Using Berkley Baits And Line

Fisherman all over the world dream of the day that every cast yields a 5–pound plus smallmouth. On September 26th, every Berkley bait that Charles Sim and Nigel Touhey used produced monster smallmouth bass on Lake St. Francis. The 5–fish stringer of smallmouth, weighing 30 pounds, 5 ounces, won the tournament and carried $2,000 worth of cash and prizes.  "What an amazing day," said Touhey. "It was the perfect storm where everything clicked for us. St. Francis has a bunch of big fish, but to come out here and hammer them in one day is simply unreal."The duo caught all of their fish on Berkley plastic baits, specifically PowerBait Power Jerk Shads and Power Tubes. The tubes were fished on exposed hook lead–head jigs ranging from 1/4– to 1/2–ounce. The largest fish, a 7–pounder, struck a 3–inch Berkley pumpkinseed tube. During competition the pair culled two 5–pounders and another that was close to 5 pounds. The Canadian team's line of choice was Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. The clarity of water on St. Francis made Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon a necessity, due to its near invisibility underwater. Sand flats were the team's main focus during the tournament near Lancaster, Ontario, Canada. During the summer, the sand flat is covered in grass, but as the water cools the grass dies revealing a sandy bottom."The bass frequent the sand flat in search of an easy meal," said Touhey. "We were in the right place in the right time. The Berkley baits worked perfectly; the lifelike action and scent dispersion of the Berkley soft plastics was the key to enhance these smallmouth to strike." The previous Canadian record of 29.90 came from Ontario's Lake Simcoe, which has carried big fish throughout its storied history. Lake St. Francis has been spitting out larger and larger bags of smallmouth thanks to an influx of round gobies, the protein–rich baitfish that feeds much of Lake Erie's bass population.

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