Uni-Filament Line

Enhanced feel, unsurpassed precision.

NanoFil® Fishing Line: A Uni-Filament With No Equal

Berkley® NanoFil®, a Uni-Filament Line five years in the making, is the next generation in Fishing Line. Thin and smooth, NanoFil® is our longest casting line, a dream discovery for spinning reel anglers looking for exceptional casting distance and accuracy. Manufactured out of gel-spun polyethylene, with many of the characteristics of Superline, NanoFil® is not a Mono, Fluoro or a braid. With minimal stretch, enhanced feel, a unique line to handle and cast with unsurpassed precision, this line has no equal on the market. Made with 100% Dyneema®, the World’s Strongest Fiber, it has an incredibly high strength to diameter ratio, creating our thinnest line per pound test.

Award Winning Fishing Line Only From Berkley®

Looking for something completely different? You’ll find it in Nanofil®. Over the years, this unique offering has been a recipient in the category for Innovation of the Year at European Fishing Tackle Trade Exposition and Best of Show and Best New Line Awards at this year's ICAST. It’s no surprise its recognition knows no bounds. NanoFil® is the result of years of devotion to a Uni-Filament Fishing Line that is thinner, stronger, and more manageable than anything on the market today. This award-winning line provides simple effortless casting, and the team at Berkley® couldn’t be prouder to provide another way to catch more fish.

Get tying — for best performance and 15% more knot strength than a Palomar, you’ll need a Nanofil® Knot for this uniquely smooth line!