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Finesse Swim Jig


Bait Weight

1/4 oz, 3/8 oz
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SKU: 1557871 Model Number: BJGFSW3/8-WH


Topped off with an irresistible PowerBait® flavored skirt and a Fusion19™ hook, the Berkley® Swim Jig features all the right things in all the right places for a high-quality jig that simply puts more fish in the boat.  Regardless of where he’s fishing, one tool he frequently relies on is the swim jig, so when it came time for Berkley to design one, we knew who to ask – Bobby Lane.  From the thick mats of the deep south, all the way to sparse weed beds of northern rivers and beyond, the Berkley® Swim Jig’s pointed head design stays on keel while effortlessly coming through a variety of vegetation no matter what your favorite trailer is. 

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • PowerBait® Silicone Skirts
  • Needle point Fusion19™ hook
  • Pointed head with 3D-eye design
  • 0 degree recessed, vertical line tie
  • Medium weedguard

Compare Finesse Swim Jig models

Model Number Color Bait Weight Package Count Water Type Sku
BJGFSW1/4-BMBR Bama Bream 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557852
BJGFSW1/4-BMCR Bama Craw 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557853
BJGFSW1/4-BLSPC BL Special 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557854
BJGFSW1/4-BB Black/Blue 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557855
BJGFSW1/4-BLUC Blue Craw 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557856
BJGFSW1/4-CYCH Crystal Chartreuse 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557857
BJGFSW1/4-FRCR Fire Craw 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557858
BJGFSW1/4-GLSP Gill Spawn 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557859
BJGFSW1/4-SHD Shad 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557860
BJGFSW1/4-WH White 1/4 oz 1 Freshwater 1557861
BJGFSW3/8-BMBR Bama Bream 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557862
BJGFSW3/8-BMCR Bama Craw 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557863
BJGFSW3/8-BLSPC BL Special 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557864
BJGFSW3/8-BB Black/Blue 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557865
BJGFSW3/8-BLUC Blue Craw 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557866
BJGFSW3/8-CYCH Crystal Chartreuse 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557867
BJGFSW3/8-FRCR Fire Craw 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557868
BJGFSW3/8-GLSP Gill Spawn 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557869
BJGFSW3/8-SHD Shad 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557870
BJGFSW3/8-WH White 3/8 oz 1 Freshwater 1557871

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