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Gulp!® Minnow Grub


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10, 11, 20


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SKU: 1545500 Model Number: GMIG4-CPN


The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp! expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait!

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Now available in FIRETAIL Colors!
  • New colors selected by two Top Walleye Pros
  • Smells like a meal and fishes like a dream
  • Great on jigs, drop shot, and live bait rigs
  • Excellent for panfish and walleyes

Compare Gulp!® Minnow Grub models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
GMG2-CH Chartreuse Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1092936
GMG2-FO Fluorescent Orange Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1092937
GMG2-PW Pearl White Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1092940
GMIG3-BL Black Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1129137
GMIG3-CH Chartreuse Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1129138
GMIG3-FO Fluorescent Orange Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1129139
GMIG3-PW Pearl White Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1129140
GMIG2-FT Firetiger Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1545486
GMIG2-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1545487
GMIG2-DSCM Disco Minnow Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1545488
GMIG2-WHTB White Bling Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1545489
GMIG2-PT Purple Tiger Gulp!® 20 Freshwater 1545490
GMIG3-FT Firetiger Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545491
GMIG3-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545492
GMIG3-DSCM Disco Minnow Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545493
GMIG3-WHTB White Bling Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545494
GMIG3-PT Purple Tiger Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545495
GMIG3-PWFO Pearl White/Fluorescent Orange Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545496
GMIG3-PWP Pearl White/Pink Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545497
GMIG3-PWC Pearl White/Chartreuse Gulp!® 11 Freshwater 1545498
GMIG4-FT Firetiger Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545499
GMIG4-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545500
GMIG4-DSCM Disco Minnow Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545501
GMIG4-WHTB White Bling Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545502
GMIG4-PT Purple Tiger Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545503
GMIG4-PWFO Pearl White/Fluorescent Orange Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545504
GMIG4-PWP Pearl White/Pink Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545505
GMIG4-PWC Pearl White/Chartreuse Gulp!® 10 Freshwater 1545506
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