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Heavy Cover Jig


Topped off with an irresistible PowerBait® flavored skirt and a Fusion19™ hook, the Berkley® Heavy Cover jig features all the right things in all the right places for a high-quality jig that simply puts more fish in the boat.  With over 30 years of Professional angling experience, an impressive listing of angling accomplishments, and the recognition of being one of the early pioneers of the flipping technique, Gary Klein knows a thing or two about jigs and has carefully crafted every detail in this jig design.

  Built with a heavy-duty, pointed head to penetrate the thickest vegetation and a stout, 0 degree heavy cover hook, the Berkley® Heavy Cover Jig is sure to wrench big fish out with braid. 

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$4.99 Each
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SKU: 1557938 Model Number: BJGHC3/4-TC


  • PowerBait® Silicone Skirts
  • Stout, needle point Fusion19™ heavy cover hook
  • Detached, talon-style keeper locks baits into place
  • Heavy-duty, pointed head design
  • Heavy weedguard
  • 0 degree recessed, horizontal line tie

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