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J-Walker 100 Saltwater



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SKU: 1547877 Model Number: BHBSWJW100-BGD


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, this classic top water lure is designed to deliver explosive top water action. Berkley® J-Walkers feature a sleek tail weighted design that has been refined through countless prototypes to provide casting distances while their hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point, and resting position allow for an easy walk-the-dog action that has been proven on the water. Topped off with Fusion19™ hooks, Berkley® J-Walkers are sure to impress anglers of all skill levels.

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Tail-weighted design tuned for casting distance
  • Attractive, easy-to-start walking action that can be worked at a variety of speeds
  • Tapered back adds flash and surface disturbance
  • Ideal action and sound for a variety of top water scenarios
  • Upgraded with sharp 3X Anti-Rust Fusion19™ hooks

Compare J-Walker 100 Saltwater models

Model Number Color Bait Size Hook Size Buoyancy Package Count Water Type Sku
BHBSWJW100-BKCH Black Chrome 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547876
BHBSWJW100-BGD Black Gold 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547877
BHBSWJW100-BBUL Blue Bullet 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547878
BHBSWJW100-BNE Bone 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547879
BHBSWJW100-MGMNW Mangrove Minnow 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547880
BHBSWJW100-MUL Mullet 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547881
BHBSWJW100-PIL HD Pilchard 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547882
BHBSWJW100-PFH HD Pinfish 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547883
BHBSWJW100-PKY Pinky 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1547884
BHBSWJW100-RH Red Head 100 4 Floating 1 Saltwater 1553440
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