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PowerBait® Flute Worm


Bait Length

4.7in, 6.7in, 5.7in

Package Count

10, 12, 15


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SKU: 1506524 Model Number: PBFW5.7-CBRB


Designed by pro angler Mike Iaconelli, the Berkley® PowerBait® Flute Worm features a tapered flute tail that twitches and moves with the most subtle movements. Perfect for rigging on a Neko rig: the blunt head features an integrated location for insert weights and stomps the bottom when hopping this rig. Additionally, there are three o-ring locations for either Niko or wacky rigs.

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Pro designed by Mike Iaconelli
  • Tapered flute tail twitches and moves with the most subtle movements
  • Three o-ring locations for perfect customized Neko rigging or wacky rigs
  • Blunt head has an integrated location for inserting weights and stomps the bottom when hopping a Neko rig
  • Rig on a Neko rig, wacky worm, or shaky head

Compare PowerBait® Flute Worm models

Model Number Color Bait Length Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBFW4.7-WMR Watermelon Red 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506498
PBFW4.7-BBF Black Blue Fleck 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506499
PBFW4.7-GP Green Pumpkin 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506500
PBFW4.7-GRNW Green Weenie 4.7in PowerBait® 15 All Water Types 1506502
PBFW4.7-SMKP Smoke Purple 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506503
PBFW4.7-IMG IKE's Magic 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506506
PBFW4.7-IMD IKE's Morning Dawn 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506507
PBFW4.7-IGPB IKE's Green Pumpkin Blue Flash 4.7in PowerBait® 15 Freshwater 1506509
PBFW5.7-WMR Watermelon Red 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506514
PBFW5.7-BBF Black Blue Fleck 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506515
PBFW5.7-GP Green Pumpkin 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506516
PBFW5.7-SMKP Smoke Purple 5.7in PowerBait® 12 All Water Types 1506519
PBFW5.7-IMG IKE's Magic 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506522
PBFW5.7-IMD IKE's Morning Dawn 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506523
PBFW5.7-CBRB Cinnamon Brown Blue Fleck 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506524
PBFW5.7-IGPB IKE's Green Pumpkin Blue Flash 5.7in PowerBait® 12 Freshwater 1506525
PBFW6.7-WMR Watermelon Red 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506530
PBFW6.7-BBF Black Blue Fleck 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506531
PBFW6.7-GP Green Pumpkin 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506532
PBFW6.7-IMG IKE's Magic 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506538
PBFW6.7-IMD IKE's Morning Dawn 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506539
PBFW6.7-IGPB IKE's Green Pumpkin Blue Flash 6.7in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1506541
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