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PowerBait® The Champ Craw


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6, 8


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Designed by two time Bassmaster Classic® winner Jordan Lee, the Berkley® PowerBait® The Champ Craw features a lifelike profile and high-definition colors that mimic real bait. Its large claws float for more lifelike action. The body shape is ideal for Texas and punching rigs, as well as jig trailers. 

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Pro-Designed by Jordan Lee
  • Now available in a 2.5" size perfect for ned rigs and micro trailers
  • Lifelike profile and high-definition colors mimic real bait
  • Large claws float for more lifelike action
  • Body shape is ideal for Texas rigs, punching rigs, and jig trailers

Compare PowerBait® The Champ Craw models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBCTCC3.5-HDBLC HD Blue Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523469
PBCTCC3.5-HDBRC HD Brown Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523470
PBCTCC3.5-HDGRC HD Green Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523471
PBCTCC3.5-HDMNC HD Mean Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523472
PBCTCC3.5-HDMTC HD Molting Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523473
PBCTCC3.5-HDRDC HD Red Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523474
PBCTCC3.5-HDRUC HD Rusty Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523475
PBCTCC3.5-HDSPC HD Spring Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523476
PBCTCC3.5-BBF Black Blue Fleck PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523477
PBCTCC3.5-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523478
PBCTCC3.5-WMC Watermelon Candy PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523479
PBCTCC3.5-YC Yummy Craw PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1523480
PBCTCC2.5-HDRDC HD Red Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545429
PBCTCC2.5-HDRUC HD Rusty Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545430
PBCTCC2.5-HDMNC HD Mean Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545431
PBCTCC2.5-HDBRC HD Brown Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545432
PBCTCC2.5-HDGRC HD Green Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545433
PBCTCC2.5-HDBLC HD Blue Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545434
PBCTCC2.5-HDMTC HD Molting Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545435
PBCTCC2.5-HDSPC HD Spring Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545436
PBCTCC2.5-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545437
PBCTCC2.5-BBF Black Blue Fleck PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545438
PBCTCC2.5-WMC Watermelon Candy PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545439
PBCTCC2.5-YC Yummy Craw PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1545440
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