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PowerBait® The Deal


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6, 8


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SKU: 1539276 Model Number: PBTD4.5-SGHM


Designed by pro angler Skeet Reese, the Berkley® PowerBait® The Deal features a high sided shad profile that adds bulk and presence. Its super high action tails mimic fleeing baitfish and amp up the action of your bladed jig. Perfect for rigging as a stand alone swimbait in open water and around vegetation.


  • Pro-designed by Skeet Reese
  • High-sided shad profile ads bulk and presence
  • High action tails mimic fleeing baitfish and amp up the action of your bladed jig
  • Rig as a stand-alone swimbait in open water and around vegetation.

Compare PowerBait® The Deal models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBTD4.5-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539269
PBTD4.5-GPC Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539270
PBTD4.5-BS Black Shad PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539271
PBTD4.5-SCHS Skeet’s Chartreuse Shad PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539272
PBTD4.5-AY Ayu PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539273
PBTD4.5-JB June Bug PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539274
PBTD4.5-BBL Black-Blue PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539275
PBTD4.5-SGHM Skeet’s Ghost Minnow PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539276
PBTD4.5-ELS Electric Shad PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539277
PBTD4.5-SVFL Silver Flash PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539278
PBTD4.5-PW Pearl White PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539279
PBTD4.5-SGNM Skeet’s Green Money PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1539280
PBTD3.5-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539281
PBTD3.5-GPC Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539282
PBTD3.5-BS Black Shad PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539283
PBTD3.5-SCHS Skeet’s Chartreuse Shad PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539284
PBTD3.5-AY Ayu PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539285
PBTD3.5-JB June Bug PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539286
PBTD3.5-BBL Black-Blue PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539287
PBTD3.5-SGHM Skeet’s Ghost Minnow PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539288
PBTD3.5-ELS Electric Shad PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539289
PBTD3.5-SVFL Silver Flash PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539290
PBTD3.5-PW Pearl White PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539291
PBTD3.5-SGNM Skeet’s Green Money PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1539292
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