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PowerBait® The General


Bait Length

4.5in, 6.25in, 5.25in

Package Count

10, 6, 8


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SKU: 1520616 Model Number: PBTG5-BGM


Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor - the exclusive PowerBait formula. Fish love PowerBait so much they hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence to Feel More Bites - Set More Hooks and Catch More Fish!

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Now available in Firetail colors!
  • Nine NEW eye-popping colors!
  • Classic stick bait wiggle action
  • Durable and long lasting
  • PowerBait flavor to tip the scales to your advantage

Compare PowerBait® The General models

Model Number Color Bait Length Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBTG4-BBB Baby Bass 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482552
PBTG4-CPTR Coppertreuse 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482556
PBTG4-GPGP Green Pumpkin Green and Purple 4.5in PowerBait® 10 All Water Types 1482557
PBTG4-GP Green Pumpkin 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482558
PBTG4-GPCD Green Pumpkin Candy 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482559
PBTG4-GPW Green Pumpkin/Watermelon 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482560
PBTG4-WMC Watermelon Candy 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1482566
PBTG5-BBB Baby Bass 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482568
PBTG5-BBF Black Blue Fleck 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482570
PBTG5-CPTR Coppertreuse 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482572
PBTG5-GP Green Pumpkin 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482574
PBTG5-GPCD Green Pumpkin Candy 5.25in PowerBait® 8 All Water Types 1482575
PBTG5-GPW Green Pumpkin/Watermelon 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482576
PBTG5-WMC Watermelon Candy 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1482582
PBTG6-BBB Baby Bass 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482584
PBTG6-BBF Black Blue Fleck 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482586
PBTG6-GP Green Pumpkin 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482590
PBTG6-GPW Green Pumpkin/Watermelon 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482592
PBTG6-JB June Bug 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482593
PBTG6-WMC Watermelon Candy 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1482598
PBTG5-IGPB IKE's Green Pumpkin Blue Flash 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1495826
PBTG5-IMG IKE's Magic 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1495827
PBTG5-IMD IKE's Morning Dawn 5.25in PowerBait® 8 All Water Types 1495828
PBTG6-IMD IKE's Morning Dawn 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1495833
PBTG4-BBFB Black Blue Fleck/Blue 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1520397
PBTG4-BKB Black/Blood 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1520398
PBTG4-BC Black/Chartreuse 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1520609
PBTG4-BGM Bubblegum 4.5in PowerBait® 10 Freshwater 1520610
PBTG5-BBFB Black Blue Fleck/Blue 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520613
PBTG5-BKB Black/Blood 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520614
PBTG5-BC Black/Chartreuse 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520615
PBTG5-BGM Bubblegum 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520616
PBTG5-GPBK Green Pumpkin/Black 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520617
PBTG5-GPC Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1520618
PBTG6-BBFB Black Blue Fleck/Blue 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520619
PBTG6-BKB Black/Blood 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520620
PBTG6-BC Black/Chartreuse 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520621
PBTG6-BGM Bubblegum 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520622
PBTG6-GPBK Green Pumpkin/Black 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520623
PBTG6-GPC Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1520624
PBTG5-GOAT Goat 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1540438
PBTG5-GRIM Grimace 5.25in PowerBait® 8 Freshwater 1540439
PBTG6-GOAT Goat 6.25in PowerBait® 6 Freshwater 1540441
PBTG6-CMAP Caramel Apple 6.25in PowerBait® 6 All Water Types 1540443
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