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Scented Flicker Shad®


For decades Berkley has pushed the efficacy and catch rate of our Gulp!® soft baits and attractants responsible for catching fish all over the globe. At the same time, our Flicker Shad® trolling hard baits have continued to cash countless checks in Walleye tournaments across the country.

The new Scented Flicker Shad® features Patent Pending Scent+ Pockets designed precisely for accepting Gulp! Hard Bait Gel

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$9.99 Each
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SKU: 1572158 Model Number: FSFSH5M-FLPR


  • Patent Pending Scent+ Pockets
  • Gulp!® Hard Bait Gel in every pack!
  • Same action, size, profile, and dive depth as standard Flicker Shad®
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks

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