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Summer Bass Blitz: 3 Surefire Strategies for Summertime Success

Summer is a great time to target bass. Sag-bellied largemouths and smallies slide into predictable post-spawn patterns that allow savvy bass fans to enjoy great fishing on a variety of lakes virtually across the U.S. and southern Canada.

Berkley pro Justin Lucas knows the drill.

The lifelong bass junkie earned his stripes on the diverse fisheries of northern California, and currently crisscrosses the continent competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series.

“Summer patterns are pretty universal,” he explains. “It’s a matter of identifying the best combinations of food, cover and structure that a particular lake has to offer, and then figuring out the most effective presentations for fishing each situation.”

To help anglers nationwide savor more hookups this summer, Lucas offers a trio of his favorite strategies for putting bass in the boat.

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