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Trilene® Sensation®

Break Strength

12lb | 5.4kg, 14lb | 6.3kg, 17lb | 7.7kg, 2lb | 0.9kg, 4lb | 1.8kg

Line Length

300yd | 274m, 330yd | 301m


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Professional grade Trilene Sensation has been trusted by our Berkley pro staff for more than a decade. With extreme strength-per-diameter, it is still flexible and manageable. This strength allows us to make it in smaller diameters for better lure action and cast ability. The breakthrough multi-polymer nylon formula has less stretch and holds more of its strength when wet compared to other nylon monos for sensitivity and control.


  • Ultra Strong and Thin - Our highest strength-per-diameter mono - wet or dry
  • Ultra Sensitive - Super sensitivity for detecting light bites
  • Smooth Control - Low memory for outstanding castability and handling
  • Available in Blaze Orange and Solar colors for extra-high visibility

Compare Trilene® Sensation® models

Break Strength 12lb | 5.4kg 14lb | 6.3kg 2lb | 0.9kg 4lb | 1.8kg 17lb | 7.7kg
Line Length 330yd | 301m 330yd | 301m 330yd | 301m 330yd | 301m 300yd | 274m
Color Blaze Orange Blaze Orange Low-Vis Green Low-Vis Green Low-Vis Green
Line Diameter 0.012in | 0.30mm 0.014in | 0.35mm 0.006in | 0.15mm 0.008in | 0.20mm 0.015in | 0.38mm
Package Count 1 1 1 1 1
Model Number SNFSN12-80 SNFSN14-80 SNFSN2-22 SNFSN4-22 SNFSN17-22
Sku 1313982 1313983 1313993 1313994 1314000
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