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How to Plan the Ultimate Fishing Date This Valentine’s Day

Dinner-and-a-movie was stale anyway.

Between waitstaff interruptions and two hours sitting quietly in the dark staring at a screen, there’s not a lot of time for getting to know each other. A couple of hours fishing at the local lake or park can provide nearly as much insight into a prospective romantic partner as traveling together, but without the commitment. Plus, you’ll be outside, lessening social-distancing concerns while doing something that’s active and fun!

Let us help you sweep your date off their feet with and prove you’re a great catch with these simple steps for planning the ultimate fishing date. Want to really blow them out of the water?
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Couple kayaking

Step 1: Pick a place to fish.

Fishing on Valentine's Day with your date? It can be done, with a little help from the right location to set the mood. Whether you're looking for a scenic lake loaded with fat Smallmouth, or a panfish stocked pond, Fishbrain will help you hook up the ideal location for a fishing date this Valentine’s Day. Don't forget to wash your hands before dinner; fish scales on your fingernails tend to be a deal breaker.

Easy Enough. On to Step 2...

Charcuterie board

Step 2: Pack a romantic snack.

When gearing up for a fishing date, no doubt it's important to pack your gear and find a good spot to wet a line, but what about the food? Drinks?? Preparation doesn't end with putting bait on a hook! Make your fishing date a success with the right fishin' snacks! Slim Jim charcuterie board anyone?

So far so good. On to Step 3...

Couple cuddling while fishing

Step 3: Set yourself up with gear guaranteed to help you catch more fish.

If you're going to do this right, you're going to need to catch some fish; no one wants to get skunked on Valentine's Day. Before you hit the water, make sure you're prepared for action with the right bait, gear, and tackle to get the job done. The scientists at Berkley have developed a secret fish-catching formula scientifically proven to catch more fish and sting your nostrils at the same time. Increase your chances of a successful fishing date with Berkley PowerBait on your side.

See where we’re going with this? On to Step 4...

PowerBait Valentine's day box

Step 4: Ask your valentine to come fishing with you!

The date is all planned. Now how do you coax your special valentine to bite at the idea? The Berkley PowerBait Valentine’s Day Box is guaranteed to catch more fish than flowers or chocolates. What better Valentine’s Day gift could you give than the chance to hook up with a personal best? Make your date forever memorable with our Berkley PowerBait Valentine’s Day Box.

Trust us. We’re Scientists.

Win a Free PowerBait Valentine's Day Box

Win a FREE Berkley PowerBait Valentine's Day Box!

Who needs chocolate when you can have bait? Make Valentine’s Day extra special for the angler in your life this year with the Berkley PowerBait Valentine’s Day Gift Box. Filled with Berkley’s best bass catching bait, this box is guaranteed to make the angler in your life swoon. Afterall, what says romance better than helping your valentine catch more fish??

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