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Rohloff & Busse Finish the Job

Rohloff & Busse Wins BPS/Cabela’s National Team Championship Walleye Tournament with Berkley Finisher

Last weekend marked an unforgettable victory in the world of competitive fishing as Scott Rohloff & Lance Busse clinched the prestigious Bass Pro Shops / Cabela’s National Team Championship Walleye Tournament. Their combined 80lbs 14oz haul wasn't just a stroke of luck; it was a testament to skill and the strategic use of the Berkley Finisher in OG Blue and French Pearl. Facing the fierce competition of nearly 300 teams of the finest walleye anglers in the sport and the challenge of navigating the unpredictable waters of Lake Erie, they relied on years of experience and a carefully chosen arsenal of tackle. Among the secret weapons was the Berkley Finisher, a cutting-edge lure from Berkley Labs that proved to be the game-changer in securing his win.

Scott shared exactly how he and Lance were able to dominate with the Berkley Finisher: “I've been getting a lot of messages about the secret to using the Berkeley Finisher that won the NTC (Cabela’s Walleye National Team Championship) for Lance and I.

The two colors that I threw pretty much all week ... for the event was the blue chrome (OG Blue) when it was sunny out, and the white (French Pearl) first thing in the morning or when it was cloudy out. The trick to these that worked best for us was you saw the fish in the live scope, you cast it, you drop these, try to get them on their head. But to trigger the bites, you would do one quick six to twelve inch snap, let it free fall, two little four to six inch snaps, free fall, and repeat back to the boat.

Most times they would hit it within the first two sequences of doing this, sometimes they would follow it to the boat, and it (the fish) would be right below you, and you had to get these things fired up. So you do one really good one, a good foot, maybe two foot rip, free fall, and then you just start shaking your rod tip, or three, four, and then maybe another twelve inch hop. And sometimes this went on for a minute or two, just toying with these fish until they finally got angry enough and ate it. But there really is no right or wrong way to use these. You can do multiple variations. I found less is more with these baits. So again, they show up amazing on Live scope versus other baits that we did, which was a huge help to found your bait to that fish and that current, which was needed. And don't hesitate. I would definitely spend money in getting some Berkeley Finishers.”

The Berkley Finisher isn't just any ordinary lure; it's engineered with precision and innovation to out perform traditional baits. The Finisher is purpose-built for Forward Facing Sonar (FFS). For Rohloff & Busse, it was the perfect bait to throw when they spotted fish on FFS. Precisions cast in rough water, precisions drops within inches of the fish and then precision snapping the rod tip, allowed the Finisher to glide back to the strike zone with its beautiful enticing tail kick, triggering big bites.Get your hands on the FFS Optimized Berkley Finisher, available in 3 sizes and 20 colors.