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Berkley® FluoroShield Line

Berkley® FluoroShield™ is the best of both worlds; a co-polymer with a fluorocarbon infusion. The fluorocarbon infusion “shields” the co-polymer increasing its abrasion resistance while maintaining invisibility underwater and manageability for optimized casting distance.
Manageability of Monofilament
One of the key features of our FluoroShield Line is the manageability of monofilament. It’s easy to handle and cast, providing you with a smooth fishing experience.
Sensitivity and Low Visibility of Fluorocarbon
Experience the sensitivity and low visibility of fluorocarbon with Berkley® FluoroShield Line. It allows you to detect even the lightest bites and makes the line nearly undetectable to fish, increasing your chances of a successful catch.