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Give the gift of peace this holiday season

The holidays can be complicated. Got all the presents wrapped? Christmas dinner in the oven on time? Remembered the stocking stuffers? But gifting doesn’t need to be complicated. Neither does fishing. Keep it simple this holiday season with Berkley gear scientifically proven to help you catch more fish. Take the guesswork out of catching fish, no matter if it’s your first cast or your hundredth catch. 'Tis the season to start fishing, and we’re here to help.

From throwing your first bait to living on the water, every fisherman, no matter their experience, needs gear, bait, and tackle they can count on. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone, get a gift you know will work on the water. Give the gift of Berkley.

Berkley® Cherrywood® HD Spincast Combo

Pre-spooled and ready to cast, this versatile rod and reel pairing is the perfect first outfit for fishing greenhorns.

Berkley® Cherrywood® HD Spinning Combo

Slay any freshwater species with this medium-action do-it-all rod and reel combo.

Berkley® Flicker Shad

From largemouth bass to catfish, this easy-to-use lure brings in the big bites every time. Cast it from the dock or off the bow of your boat. This versatile bait can be used wherever and whenever.

Berkley® PowerBait® Bunker Hawg

Punch through heavy vegetation and trigger big bass strikes with this beaver style bait. Seasoned with Berkley’s secret PowerBait recipe, fish will love the taste of the Bunker Hawg, causing them to hold onto the bait longer and giving you more time to set the hook.

Berkley® Dredger

When the water temperatures rise, fish down in cooler water with this tight-action crankbait. Ideal for fishing lakes, the Dredger dives deeper, casts easier, and stays in the strike zone longer than anything else on the market. Use it to hook everything from walleye to bass.

Berkley® Hit Stick

Berkley’s newest minnow-profile bait is an easy-to-use, durable, and versatile addition to every tackle box. Whether you cast and retrieve or troll it, the Hit Stick provides consistent results every cast.

Berkley® PowerBait® MaxScent The General

If there’s one bait you should have rigged and ready at all times, it’s The General. Infused with MaxScent scent dispersion technology, the combination of this worm’s smell and wiggle taste gets bites even when no other bait is working. Combine that with PowerBait’s irresistable taste and you’ll have fish chasing you all day long. Rig it weedless or wacky to target bass hiding in shallow water or lurking near dock posts.

Berkley® Fusion19™ EWG Hooks

You don’t have to be a pro to fish like one. These heavy-duty hooks stay sharp cast after cast, even when you’re hooking the biggest bass in the thickest grass. Our pros trust the sharpness of Fusion19 hooks to help them set the hook every time a fish bites.

Berkley® x5 Braid

When you need fishing line that’s easy to cast, smooth to retrieve, and has a long lifespan, you need X5.

Berkley® FluoroShield™

Effective on any rod and reel setup, our FluoroShield combines the manageability of monofilament line with the durability of fluorocarbon. Use it to fish any species with all kinds of bait, from spinnerbaits to swimming jigs.

Berkley® Frittside™

When the shallows are too hot or too cold, fishing can be tough. Use this quiet, yet flashy, crankbait to attract bites from fish that are sluggish or heavily pressured.

Give the Gift of Peace.

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