Superior results when seconds count.

Next Generation of Fish Dough for Trout, Catfish & Crappies

What makes a fish strike? What provides the ideal scent that travels through the water? What makes the fish stay on the line longer when seconds count? From the Berkley® company’s beginning, those are the questions that have driven us forward. We’ve figured out the answers through years of continuing research and testing to achieve superior results. Today, our PowerBaits® and Fish Dough incorporate that understanding. The recipe may be a closely guarded corporate secret, but our proprietary formula is available for use by everyone. Our selection of Fish Dough gives novice anglers the edge and turns experienced anglers into champions.

Scent Dispersion for the Upper Hand

Before fish see or taste food, they smell it. If you want to catch more fish, the Berkley® line of PowerBait® and Fish Dough should be what they are smelling. Trout kings will find PowerBait® Trout Bait, with its moldable and easy-to-use delivery and floating formula that enhances dispersion of scent and flavor, an almost unfair advantage. PowerBait® Trout Nuggets are bite magnets that provide extra confidence in feeling the bite and setting the hook. Looking to expand the strike zone? Look for the Gulp!® brand of PowerBaits®. Its next generation scent dispersion will give you the upper hand. You’ll also find Nuggets, Glitter, and Catfish Dough to complete your Fish Dough arsenal. And if you’re looking for new ways to expand your soft bait rigging and technique, quench your thirst for knowledge with Wacky Rigging Soft Baits.