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Uni Knot - how to tie

The Uni Knot, also known as the Hangman’s Knot, is very popular with monofilament. It also works well when connecting Superline to leader material. The Uni Knot is great not only for tying a hook, but also for attaching line to a reel. The Uni Knot is popular because of how easy it is to tie and its versatility.

Watch the video below for animated instructions on tying the Uni fishing knot.

4 Easy Steps for Tying the Uni Knot:

  1. Run line through the eye and double back, forming a circle
  2. Tie uni-knot by wrapping tag end around double line six turns and through the loop
  3. Moisten line, then pull main line to tighten knot
  4. Pull main line to slide knot down to the eye of the hook or swivel

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