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Shore Casting for Walleyes at Night

One of the simplest, most efficient, and most effective ways for walleyes during fall is shorecasting at night. Walleyes move into current areas, onto shallow shoals, or along weededges to feed once waters cool, weeds begin to die, and baitfish become more vulnerable. The key is finding a spot that concentrates fish. Keep it simple at night. You need a 7-foot, medium-action spinning rod and a spinning reel loaded with a tough monofilament line testing 10 pounds, or a superline testing 14 pounds. Prime lures include plastic swimbaits and shallow-running, minnow-imitating crankbaits. Lure sizes typically range from 3 to 5 inches. You also need an insulated pair of waders; a net, which serves as a wading staff, as well as a netting tool; a flashlight; and small lure box. Add a sandwich and a thermos of coffee and you're set. Keep retrieves slow and steady at night.

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