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Swimming Grubs for Suspended Bass

Smallmouths often suspend over relatively deep water in reservoirs and natural lakes in summer, when baitfish populations peak. In reservoirs, they tend to follow shad or shiners. A 4- to 5-inch grub worked horizontally on a jig head can work wonders. Determine depths fish are using with sonar (or visual clues, when fish are in the top 5 feet) and choose a jig weight that matches the depth (1/6-ounce for the top 5 feet, 1/8-ounce for 5 to 10 feet, and so on). Run the grub on straight, with hook exiting on the seam. Cast, count it down to the desired depth and reel it in at a steady pace. Slow tends to be best, but not always. Heavy jigs and fast retrieves can produce better, at times.

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