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  • Dog Days Bassin' Sweltering temperatures above the surface don't deter summertime bass from biting. In fact, savvy anglers armed with the right approaches can score stellar catches throughout the dreaded "dog days" of summer. Read More
  • Top Ice Fishing Tips Ice fishing has come a long way in recent years, with advancements in tackle and tactics helping anglers across the Ice Belt catch more fish and have more fun. Read More
  • Why Bother With Live Bait? Live bait has long been a fixture of the fishing scene. Since the sport's Dark Ages, countless fish have fallen for the inherent attraction of minnows, worms, crickets and other appealing creatures. Read More
  • Winning Attitudes Tournament fans and participants alike know there's far more to out-fishing the competition than simply showing up on game day and hoping for the best. Read More
  • Catch The Spring Fishing Bonanza Springtime serves up stellar fishing opportunities for a variety of species across the country. North to South, savvy anglers armed with productive patterns can enjoy some of the year's fastest action for bass, panfish, walleyes, trout and more. Read More
  • Winning Lines Keeping your reels loaded with fresh fishing line is one of the easiest and most economical ways to catch more fish on every trip. Just ask Berkley pros Justin Lucas and Tommy Skarlis, whose livelihoods depend on making every bite count. Read More
  • White Dawn In recent years, ice fishing has been transformed from a brutal and often fruitless battle against bitter conditions into a wildly popular winter pastime. Much of the credit goes to improvements in tackle and techniques that have ushered in the dawn of a new and exciting Ice Age. Read More
  • Get Organized Anglers are blessed with a near-infinite array of baits, lines, terminal tackle and other gear to help us catch fish. Problem is, even the world's most well-stocked arsenal becomes all but useless if organization crumbles and chaos rules the day. Read More
  • After Hours Cats Daytime catfish fishing is a straightforward affair well suited to relaxing afternoons on the riverbank. Brushed by the sun, the soothing landscape around you creates an idyllic backdrop against which to wait for the occasional cat to take the bait. Read More
  • Softbait Bassin' Artificial softbaits are deadly weapons for bass of all stripes, including largemouths and smallmouths. Always a threat, their combination of lifelike feel, profile and action triggers strikes when other baits won't. Read More
  • 'Eye Candy Live bait has long been a staple of the walleye trade. But anglers are quickly realizing the many benefits of switching to fish-catching artificial softbaits such as Berkley PowerBait, Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! Read More
  • Reaping Fall's Big Bite Across the continent, autumn ushers in some of the year's finest fishing for an amazing variety of gamefish, including everything from trophy largemouths in southern Florida to hungry Northwoods walleyes and high-country trout in the West. Read More
  • Dipping Cats A variety of baits catch catfish, from natural offerings such as 'crawlers, cutbait and catalpa worms to home-brewed stinkbaits packing stench of epic proportions. But one of the easiest and most effective means of catching more catfish remains commercially prepared bait in the form of dips, doughs and chunks. Read More
  • Softbait Esox Adrenaline junkies hoping to battle broad-shouldered pike and behemoth muskies have traditionally leaned on a legion of hard-bodied lures and super-size live baits to connect with their toothsome quarry. Read More
  • Softbait Trout Thoughts of trout fishing may conjure up images of pipe-smoking anglers painstakingly presenting delicate flies to tempt finicky fish, but the truth is a variety of artificial softbaits make catching all types of trout and salmon a snap. Read More
  • Top 5 Must-Know Knots Knots are the unsung heroes of the fishing scene. They get little press, but all the high-tech tackle and secret tactics in the world won’t help you if your knot slips or weakens your line, causing it to break at the moment of truth. Further, the right knots can help you be more efficient, catch more fish and have more fun. Read More
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