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Captain Bomboy Llanes boats "Grander"

Epic battle fought on Berkley Pro Spec

What would appear to be a storybook tale of man versus fish was played out for real recently off the shores of the Hawaiian islands.

Captain Bomboy Llanes and angler Jen Brooks had a date with a massive, 1,041-pound blue marlin. The nine-hour fight began at 8:45 am in 100 fathoms (600 feet) of water near a school of bonitos.

Each year, there are only one or two "Granders" caught off the coast of Hawaii. Some years none of these huge marlin are seen at the docks. On November 19th, the Lana Kila and Capt. Llanes hooked in to what they thought was a small marlin or small bonito since the reel started screaming lightly – until it jumped 60 feet off the starboard side.

"Once it surfaced, I knew we had a grander on the line," said Capt. Llanes. "Those don't come around often, and I knew we had to make this one count. I really didn't think about how long the fight might last. Your first thought always goes to the equipment, but I had plenty of confidence in the gear."

Capt. Llanes trusted 130-pound Berkley Pro Spec monofilament fishing line to handle the beast. "The Ocean Blue Pro Spec held up brilliantly," said Capt. Llanes. "It is strong and has no stretch, which helped during the nine-hour ordeal. I truly believe that Pro Spec line will be the top choice for Hawaiian fishermen very shortly after this bout. It has a slightly bigger diameter and is a bit stiff making it great for tying knots that withstand tremendous stress."

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