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Fishing's Future Hooks New Directory

South Padre Island, TX (August 15, 2013) - Fishing's Future, an exciting non-profit organization dedicated to bring children and their parents together through the outdoor experience of fishing, welcomes Roxanne Coleman, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Pure Fishing, Inc. to its Board of Directors.

"With nearly 20 years experience in the recreational fishing industry, Roxanne Coleman is an individual known for her tireless dedication and creative approach to introducing fishing to America's youth," says Shane Wilson, President, and Fishing's Future. "Roxanne brings more than just knowledge to Fishing's Future, she bring passion, determination, and a strong desire to make a positive difference in our next generation of anglers."

Fishing's Future is receiving national attention in the area of Youth/Aquatic Education and introducing families to recreational fishing. "For the last 19 years I have been blessed with employment that allows me to interact with folks from all walks of life that have a common interest: fishing, the preservation of the sport and the active recruitment on new anglers," states Roxanne Coleman. "When I first talked with Shane and Kevin I felt an immediate kinship with Fishing's Future. I appreciate the importance and simplicity of the organizational mission statement – to bring children and parents together through a common interest while enjoying and protecting our natural environment."

Fishing's Future uses a unique curriculum and approach to sharing fishing with local communities. Utilizing local volunteers within a community, Fishing's Future opens new chapters and shares fishing knowledge with local families. This method of Aquatic Education has proven to be highly effective and Fishing's Future now has chapters in 10 states and on 2 continents. "Mrs. Coleman's knowledge of national fishing trends and her understanding of the fishing industry strengthens the Fishing's Future organization," states Kevin Reich, Vice President, Product Procurement and Distribution, Fishing's Future. "She is an asset to Fishing's Future and we are pleased to have her in the Fishing's Future Family."

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