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Berkley® Monofilament Fishing Line 

Discover Berkley®'s collection of Monofilament Lines, built to far exceed average nylon monofilaments for smooth casting and maximum manageability. Shop the products  have been trusted by anglers since 1937.
High Abrasion Resistance: Experience the high abrasion resistance of Berkley® Monofilament Fishing Line. It’s designed to resist damage from rocks, debris, and the toughest fish, ensuring a long-lasting performance.
Superior Knot Strength: The key benefits of our Monofilament line is its superior knot strength. Loose less fish and save lost tackle. 
Superb Handling: Our Monofilament line is known for its great handling. Its flexibility and low memory make it easy to handle and cast, providing you with a smooth fishing experience.