Scientifically Designed to Catch More Fish

Deeply rooted in science, Berkley Gulp! Alive®, PowerBait® dip and attractants are created to attract fish on a molecular level to help you catch more fish. When it comes to wrangling big trout, walleye, or a bass on the end of your line, don’t rely on guesswork. Rely on the science Berkley® is famous for, which merges an intricate understanding of fish biology, field testing by angling experts, and hours and hours of testing in a lab environment.

Fish possess a powerful sense of smell — one which helps them locate forage and feed, and that’s led to hundreds of manufacturers releasing a host of attractants to the market based on hope and flimsy evidence purported to catch more fish. Today, thanks to our scientists and research and development team at Berkley®, the market has made a quantum leap forward. Simply put, we’ve changed the way people fish.

A Breakthrough in How To Attract Fish

Anglers seeking to enhance their ordinary lures and bait by adding scent and flavor have come to the right place. Long-lasting attractant with a unique delivery system is irresistible to fish – why leave anything to chance when a massive trout is in the balance? PowerBait® Trout Dip is the perfect way to tip the scales. Exclusively formulated to attract trout and help them hang on 18 times longer, it always gives you the advantage. Looking for something powerful to increase bait effectiveness, Gulp!® Alive!® will take you from good to great. Rechargeable and available in all popular prey scents and flavors that make your bait smell and taste like the real thing.