Fishing Line

Scientifically proven to help catch more fish.


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Trilene® XT®

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ProSpec® Chrome

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Berkley® Fishing Lines: Passion & Innovation

Why choose a Berkley® Fishing Line? Because it is scientifically proven to help you catch more fish. At Berkley®, our passion for fishing combined with leading edge technology has resulted in performance advances in innovative fishing tackle throughout the industry, and our Fishing Line is no exception. Fishing Line is a precisely designed tool chosen for your specific application. But most importantly, your line connects you to your fish. So, when it comes to engineering the perfect line, our mission to help you catch more fish is unwavering.

Today, the new generation of Berkley® Fishing Line represents a revolution in line that incorporates advances in synthetic fibers, braided lines, and materials with strength and refractive qualities to provide anglers with line that moves with stealth beneath the surface, makes baits come alive, and withstands the abrasive mouths of hard fighting fish every time.

Refine, Test, Refine, Test Again

The scientists at Berkley® have worked diligently to create the next generation of Fishing Line. We’ve logged countless hours devoting time and energy into engineering the perfect line for every water condition, fish species, and fishing technique. We rely on science: at our R&D labs in Spirit Lake, Iowa, we test, evaluate prototypes, and determine which line performs best in every fishing scenario. That’s all before we take our line to the water to perform in real world fishing environments. We refine, test, refine, and test again until we’re confident we’ve developed the most advanced line you can buy for the best cast you’ve ever made.

Berkley® Fishing Line Is in a Class by Itself

Line choice is critical – match your line to your quarry and you’ll catch more fish. Today’s lines are nothing short of a modern miracle – virtually invisible, highly sensitive with astonishing strength and stretch. Our Monofilament Fishing Line has been fine tuned into lines made for specific needs, such as toughness and smooth casting. Our Fluorocarbon Line, which first came to market in 1999, virtually disappears in water, maintaining stretch and higher density to run baits deeper. Our Superlines are strong as steel, cover swathes of water, and can detect even the softest take. And our award-winning Nanofil® Uni-Filamentis in a category all its own, blending the best characteristics of Mono and Super for the ultimate spinning line.

Make an informed decision that will benefit your angling. Make sure you’re Choosing the Right Line.