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Cooler weather, emptier waterways, and the chance to get that crank bite... there’s no better season to get outside and fish. Before winter hits and feeding opportunities slow down, the bass are aggressively searching for their fall feast. So hit the waters hard with baits guaranteed to catch their attention. Our proven fall baits have been developed in the lab and tested on the water to make sure they’ll get the job done.

We’ve done the science; now you catch the fish.


Designed by legendary angler David Fritts and perfected by Berkley’s team of dedicated scientists, the Frittside boasts all the action of balsa with greater durability and casting performance. The silent, tight actions of the Frittside will help you take advantage of the fall bite.

Hit Stick

Whether trolling for walleye of casting for pike this autumn, the rolling action of the Hit Stick will look like a delicious meal to those hungry fish and provoke more strikes than ever.


Berkley’s world-class bait design engineers worked with a team of pro-anglers to create this versatile hard bait. Designed to trigger both hunger and reaction strikes, the squarebull is a must-have in your fall tackle box.

PowerBait Hollow Belly

Great on both fast and slow retrieves, this updated version of the Berkley classic is the perfect tool for catching more autumn fish.

PowerBait Grass Pig

Berkley scientists and pro-angler Bobby Lane came together to create this versatile swimbait. With a wiggle bass can’t resist, the grass pig is a great tease that will keep fish biting.


Don’t lose your chance by spooking the bass with a clunky line. Berkley’s FluoroShield is nearly invisible underwater, meaning you can let your bait do the work without worrying about your line scaring off that coveted fall catch.

Catching bass this season is easier said than done.

Discover the best techniques—and the baits to pair with them—to make the most out of the autumn fishing season.

Complete Your Tackle Box


Fitted with easy spinning props and a tailor-made tight shimmying action, the SPY delivers an ideal spybait action on the fall and throughout the slowest retrieves

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The aggressive action and vibration of the Warpig is sure to catch the attention of nearby fish, and it's blunt nose is perfect for deflecting off of structure

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Drift Walker

Ideal for finesse top water presentations, the Berkley® Drift Walker features a slim hydrodynamic profile and a long walking stride for those slick calm days

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Powerbait® Power Swimmer

Multiple rigging options: weighted swim bait, jig head, A-rigs, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs

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Powerbait® Pit Boss

Designed to mimic both bait fish and crawfish, the unique action of this bait is irresistible

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Powerbait® Buzz'n Speed Toad

Serrated feet buzz and cut the water surface creating strike-provoking water disturbance and sound

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Powerbait® Beat'n Paddle Frog

Paddle tail style feet beat the water with a sound bass want to crush

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Powerbait® Maxscent Critter Hawg

Unique tail and compelling leg actions sure to draw fish to strike

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Trilene® 100% Fluoro Professional Grade™

Choice of the pros for nearly 10 years! Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon is the “XT” of professional-grade fluorocarbons. This proven formula provides incredible shock strength, abrasion resistance and knot strength. Fast-sinking with greater line density for high sensitivity and less “bow” in the water - all advantages for feeling the bite, setting the hook, and landing more fish!

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