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FireLine® Original

Break Strength

14lb | 6.3kg, 20lb | 9kg, 30lb | 13.6kg, 4lb | 1.8kg

Advertised Length

125yd | 114m, 300yd | 274m

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SKU: 1302539 Model Number: BFL30030-42


Fireline=Superline! In 1996, the first “Superline” was introduced, Berkley Fireline. Not a conventional braid and certainly not a mo nofilament, thermally fused Fireline changed the fishing line landscape forever!


  • The smooth handling superline - Optimized for spinning reels
  • Superb Sensitivity - Instant feel for structure and strikes
  • Thin Diameter - Incredible lure action and low visibility
  • Exceptional Strength and Toughness - Microfused Dyneema® fibers are 3 to 4 times stronger than mono
  • Hi and low-vis colors available - Hi-Vis Flame Green, Ultra-low-vis Smoke

Compare FireLine® Original models

Model Number Break Strength Advertised Length Color Diameter Employee-discount Package Count Super Mono Equivalent Water Type Sku
BFLFS14-42 14lb | 6.3kg 125yd | 114m Smoke 0.009in | 0.22mm 70 1 6lb Freshwater 1302530
BFLFS20-42 20lb | 9kg 125yd | 114m Smoke 0.012in | 0.30mm 70 1 8lb Freshwater 1302531
BFLFS30-42 30lb | 13.6kg 125yd | 114m Smoke 0.015in | 0.38mm 70 1 12lb Freshwater 1302532
BFL30030-42 30lb | 13.6kg 300yd | 274m Smoke 0.015in | 0.38mm 70 1 12lb Freshwater 1302539
BFLFS14-GG 14lb | 6.3kg 125yd | 114m Flame Green 0.009in | 0.22mm 70 1 6lb Freshwater 1302544
BFL3004-GG 4lb | 1.8kg 300yd | 274m Flame Green 0.005in | 0.12mm 70 1 1lb Freshwater 1302547
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