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Gulp! Alive!® Saltwater Attractant

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Bait Scent/Flavor

Gulp!® Saltwater with Crab, Gulp!® Saltwater with Shrimp, Gulp!® Saltwater with Squid


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SKU: 1130451 Model Number: GSP8-SQ


Gulp! Alive! Attractants are available in many popular prey scents and flavors. Simply spray any bait to make it taste and smell like live bait.


  • Fish attractant makes any bait taste and smell alive with popular prey scents and flavors
  • Easy to apply trigger spray bottle shoots stream or spray
  • Works great with soft bait, hard bait, or live bait

Compare Gulp! Alive!® Saltwater Attractant models

Model Number Bait Scent/Flavor Net Weight Water Type Sku
GSP8-CB Gulp!® Saltwater with Crab 8 oz  Saltwater 1130448
GSP8-SHP Gulp!® Saltwater with Shrimp 8 oz  Saltwater 1130450
GSP8-SQ Gulp!® Saltwater with Squid 8 oz  Saltwater 1130451

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