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Gulp!® Paddleshad


Bait Length

4in, 3in, 5in

Package Count

3, 4, 5


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SKU: 1545533 Model Number: GFPS4-DSCM


The extreme scent dispersion of Gulp!® expands the strike zone allowing you to catch more fish! Berkley Gulp! truly is the next generation in soft bait! Stop messing around with the hassles of live bait and those other plastics, and simply grab a convenient bag of Gulp!

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • New colors match the hatch when nothing else will!
  • Lifelike baitfish profile with optimized nose for rigging jig heads
  • Body and tail design work together to provide fast action and slow speed movement
  • Colors selected by two Top Walleye Pros
  • Made from Gulp!® proprietary material to ensure extreme scent dispersion
  • Ideally rigged on a weighted EWG swimbait hook or jig head
  • Gulp! formula matched to provide durability and action

Compare Gulp!® Paddleshad models

Model Number Color Bait Length Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
GFPS3-ARG Arkansas/Glow 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545510
GFPS3-BGD Black Gold 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545511
GFPS3-BSV Black Silver 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545512
GFPS3-CH Chartreuse 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545513
GFPS3-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545514
GFPS3-OPNT Opening Night 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545515
GFPS3-PW Pearl White 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545516
GFPS3-PWC Pearl White/Chartreuse 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545517
GFPS3-PWP Pearl White/Pink 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545518
GFPS3-DSCM Disco Minnow 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545519
GFPS3-FT Firetiger 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545520
GFPS3-PRPP Purple Penny 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545521
GFPS3-CJCH Cajun Chicken 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545522
GFPS3-PT Purple Tiger 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1545523
GFPS4-ARG Arkansas/Glow 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545524
GFPS4-BGD Black Gold 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545525
GFPS4-BSV Black Silver 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545526
GFPS4-CH Chartreuse 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545527
GFPS4-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545528
GFPS4-OPNT Opening Night 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545529
GFPS4-PW Pearl White 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545530
GFPS4-PWC Pearl White/Chartreuse 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545531
GFPS4-PWP Pearl White/Pink 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545532
GFPS4-DSCM Disco Minnow 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545533
GFPS4-FT Firetiger 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545534
GFPS4-PRPP Purple Penny 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545535
GFPS4-CJCH Cajun Chicken 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545536
GFPS4-PT Purple Tiger 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1545537
GFPS5-ARG Arkansas/Glow 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545538
GFPS5-BGD Black Gold 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545539
GFPS5-BSV Black Silver 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545540
GFPS5-CH Chartreuse 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545541
GFPS5-CPN Chartreuse Pepper Neon 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545542
GFPS5-OPNT Opening Night 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545543
GFPS5-PW Pearl White 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545544
GFPS5-PWC Pearl White/Chartreuse 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545545
GFPS5-PWP Pearl White/Pink 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545546
GFPS5-DSCM Disco Minnow 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545547
GFPS5-FT Firetiger 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545548
GFPS5-PRPP Purple Penny 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545549
GFPS5-CJCH Cajun Chicken 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545550
GFPS5-PT Purple Tiger 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1545551
GFPS3-PPSNR Purple Shiner 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1589422
GFPS3-GRSH Green Shiner 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1589423
GFPS3-RBT Rainbow Trout 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1589424
GFPS3-STRYN Starry Night 3in Gulp!® 5 Freshwater 1589425
GFPS4-PPSNR Purple Shiner 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1589426
GFPS4-GRSH Green Shiner 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1589427
GFPS4-RBT Rainbow Trout 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1589428
GFPS4-STRYN Starry Night 4in Gulp!® 4 Freshwater 1589429
GFPS5-PPSNR Purple Shiner 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1589430
GFPS5-GRSH Green Shiner 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1589431
GFPS5-RBT Rainbow Trout 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1589432
GFPS5-STRYN Starry Night 5in Gulp!® 3 Freshwater 1589433
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