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Forward-Facing Science

Introducing all-new Berkley baits scientifically optimized for forward-facing sonar. Our team took their deep rooted understanding of fish behavior and paired it with forward-facing science to deliver the Berkley Finisher, Krej, and Power® Switch. Three baits scientifically optimized to offer anglers a variety of ways to react to the fish activity they’re observing with forward-facing sonar. 
Berkley Labs has set the standard for bait design utilizing the scientific method to create baits that are proven both in the lab and on the water. Our team of fish biologists and engineers previously pioneered baits with scent, flavor, and action, and are now bringing that same pioneering level of innovation to baits designed for the new fishing scenarios being unlocked by FFS technology.





Power Switch has a traditional baitfish profile, but it can produce a variety of actions and techniques allowing the angler to react quickly to fish they are seeing on FFS.


Designed to excel with forward-facing sonar, the Berkley Krej is a revolutionary hard bait that defies conventional jerk-baiting by working its way upwards in the water column, only to fall backwards towards its target.


The Finisher provides the angler control needed to put the bait where, when and how they want it to generate strikes and fish the water column in 3D - vertical, lateral, forward and backwards.

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