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Discover what's hot right now on Hartwell Lake

Increase your catch rate at Hartwell Lake: South Carolina / Georgia

Bait & Gear Buying Guide: Hartwell Lake

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Our dedicated team of Berkley scientists have been diligently working with local anglers to understand what's hot on Hartwell Lake RIGHT NOW:

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With year-round fishing opportunities, Lake Hartwell is one of the Southeast’s largest and most popular recreational lakes. This 56,000-acre reservoir stretches between South Carolina and Georgia and offers some of the best bass fishing in the country. Quality sized spotted bass as well as largemouth bass can be caught in many of Lake Hartwell’s shallow pockets, chunk rock banks and ditches. From topwater fishing over cane piles in summer to which baits to drag in the ditches in the winter, the Berkley scientists have identified the best baits to throw in Lake Hartwell for each season.

Justin Kimmel holding two fish


Justin Kimmel

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