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PowerBait® MaxScent Flat Worm


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10, 8


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SKU: 1546019 Model Number: PBMSFW4-GASH


The PowerBait MaxScent line of baits releases a super-charged scent field attracting fish in a way never before seen. This all-new material is perfect for finesse presentations with ultra-realistic texture and natural matte colors to fool the hardest-to-catch fish. The, soft yet durable material provides for life-like action and easier hook-ups producing multiple fish on each bait.

Prop 65

Proposition 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Now available in larger 4.25” size
  • Slender baitfish profile
  • Perfect drop shot bait that quivers and wiggles with the smallest movements
  • Ribs provide more surface area for PowerBait MaxScent scent and flavor
  • The all-new material releases a super-charged scent field attracting fish in a way never before seen

Compare PowerBait® MaxScent Flat Worm models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Water Type Sku
PBMSFW4-BL Black PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482219
PBMSFW4-BLSN Black Shiner PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482220
PBMSFW4-BRBK Brown Back PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482221
PBMSFW4-GOBY Goby PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482222
PBMSFW4-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482223
PBMSFW4-GPPA Green Pumpkin Party PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482224
PBMSFW4-NTSH Natural Shad PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482225
PBMSFW4-SBP Smoke Black Purple PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482226
PBMSFW4-MMGC Mango Magic PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482227
PBMSFW4-WHPR White Pearl PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1482228
PBMSFW4.25-BL Black PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520705
PBMSFW4.25-BLSN Black Shiner PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520706
PBMSFW4.25-BRBK Brown Back PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520707
PBMSFW4.25-GOBY Goby PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520708
PBMSFW4.25-GP Green Pumpkin PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520709
PBMSFW4.25-GPPA Green Pumpkin Party PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520710
PBMSFW4.25-MMGC Mango Magic PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520711
PBMSFW4.25-NTSH Natural Shad PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520712
PBMSFW4.25-SBP Smoke Black Purple PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520713
PBMSFW4.25-WHPR White Pearl PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1520714
PBMSFW4-GASH Gobyashi PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1546019
PBMSFW4-CNP Cinnamon Purple PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1546020
PBMSFW4-GPW Green Pumpkin/Watermelon PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1546021
PBMSFW4-SMLT Smelt PowerBait® MaxScent 10 Freshwater 1546022
PBMSFW4.25-GASH Gobyashi PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1546023
PBMSFW4.25-CNP Cinnamon Purple PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1546024
PBMSFW4.25-GPW Green Pumpkin/Watermelon PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1546025
PBMSFW4.25-SMLT Smelt PowerBait® MaxScent 8 Freshwater 1546026
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