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PowerBait® Natural Scent Trout Bait


Bait Scent/Flavor

PowerBait® with Garlic, PowerBait® with Salmon Egg, PowerBait® with Garlic and Worm, PowerBait® with Worm, PowerBait® with Corn, PowerBait® with Nymph, PowerBait® with Cheese
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SKU: 1522047 Model Number: BTWTQL2


Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 30 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor - the exclusive PowerBait formula. Fish love PowerBait so much they hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence to Feel More Bites - Set More Hooks and Catch More Fish!


  • Dissolve slowly in water
  • Smells and tastes like live bait
  • Scientifically proven formula trout love
  • New Tequila Colors feature either worm or garlic worm scent with a fishable "Tequila Worm" in the jar

Compare PowerBait® Natural Scent Trout Bait models

Model Number Color Bait Scent/Flavor Package Count Net Weight Water Type Sku
BTCOY2 Yellow PowerBait® with Corn 1 0.084 Freshwater 1004804
BTSMP2 Peach PowerBait® with Salmon Egg 1 0.084 Freshwater 1004807
BTNYG2 Green Perch PowerBait® with Nymph 1 0.095 Freshwater 1004810
BTCHY2 Yellow PowerBait® with Cheese 1 0.093 Freshwater 1137006
BTGMG2 Chartreuse PowerBait® with Garlic 1 0.092 Freshwater 1137007
BTGWTQL2 Tequila Lime PowerBait® with Garlic and Worm 1 0.084 Freshwater 1522043
BTGWTS2 Tequila Sunrise PowerBait® with Garlic and Worm 1 0.090 Freshwater 1522045
BTWTQL2 Tequila Lime PowerBait® with Worm 1 0.086 Freshwater 1522047
BTWTS2 Tequila Sunrise PowerBait® with Worm 1 1.000 Freshwater 1522049

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