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PowerBait® Power® Switch


Purpose-Built for Forward Facing Sonar - The Power® Switch gives you the control to “switch” or react to the fish or structure you see whenever and however you want. When a fish is located using forward facing sonar, the clock starts ticking.

You need to react and present your bait as fast and precise as possible. The weight-forward design allows for precision casts, fast drop-ins and a wide range of actions to draw a strike out of the most finicky fish. The Power Switch baitfish design appeals to a wide range of species that should be tied on and ready at all times. PowerBait flavor and pre-rigged Fusion 19 hook ensure positive hook-ups. TRY THESE TECHNIQUES: Hovering, Snapping, Ripping, Vertical Jigging, Damiki, Dock Shooting, Straight Retrieve, Yo-yoing, Twitching, Bouncing off Bottom, Dragging on Bottom, Under a Bobber, More.Pro Tip 1: The new “HOVER” technique is accomplished by rhythmically popping the rod tip to generate a random darting action and pausing the fall of the bait.Pro Tip 2: Unless hovering or snapping the bait, try to maintain, a tight line for maximum control

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  • Purpose-built for forward facing sonar and ultimate angler control
  • Heavy, weight-forward design allows for precision casts and fast sinking
  • Control the fall rate or pause the fall with the new hovering technique
  • On retrieve, “switch” techniques and actions whenever and however you want
  • Packed with PowerBait flavor ensuring you have the chance to set the hook on every bite
  • Natural baitfish profile and 3D eyes
  • Pre-rigged with a high-quality, sharp fusion19™ hook
  • Available in a range of sizes to accommodate all freshwater game species
  • Available in standard, HD Tru Color and holographic “wizard” colors!

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